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On its 79th Birthday, Social Security Plans Retreat from Community-Based Service

Largest Employee Union calls on Agency to scrap ‘Vision 2025’ plan to close Community Offices [more] 8-14-2014

District 3’s First-Ever Strategic Organizing Meeting a Success

AFGE District 3 led by National Vice President Keith Hill this week held the district’s first-ever strategic organizing meeting to map out organizing plans and help locals grow. [more] 8-14-2014

Walking the Line, Part I

Defending the border is a tough job, but our agents are up to the task [more] 8-13-2014

AFGE's Election Center is Here

Stand Up and make your voice count this election year! [more] 8-11-2014

It’s Time to Fully Fund ICE

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is stretched extremely thin, overwhelmed by the complex task of processing and housing the children. Despite the endless waves of immigrants and its work to support the Border Patrol, ICE’s immigration division has become smaller since 9/11. [more] 8-11-2014

AFGE Local Battling 2013 Unpaid Furloughs

More than 900 employees at the Corpus Christi Army Depot who were furloughed without pay for six days last summer due to sequestration will have their case heard by the Merit Systems Protection Board. [more] 8-8-2014

Honoring Agent Vega

AFGE mourns the loss of our brother, Border Patrol Agent Vega. [more] 8-6-2014

NDAA Update

AFGE Stands in Solidarity with APWU to Stop Staples

“We will never shop at Staples until they stop what they’re doing to the post office,” AFGE President J. David Cox Sr. told the cheering crowd of hundreds of postal workers, union activists and allies in front of a Staples store in downtown Chicago. [more] 8-4-2014

I Am AFGE: Suzanne McBride

AFGE member sees union as champion of workers and a stabilizing force in community. [more] 7-30-2014

AFGE VA Locals on Mission to Recruit 100,000th Member

AFGE VA Locals only 1,300 away from reaching 100,000 member milestone during organizing blitz. [more] 7-25-2014

AFGE Calls for Public Review of USDA’s Revised Dirty Chicken Rule

AFGE is calling on the administration to come clean about its plan to privatize the country’s poultry inspection system. [more] 7-25-2014

AFGE fights for $10.10 minimum wage for federal workers

This month, members of the Federal Prevailing Rate Advisory Committee (FPRAC) voted on an AFGE proposal to extend to federal hourly workers the same $10.10/hour minimum wage that President Obama has provided for new federal contractors. [more] 7-24-2014

2014 Election Spotlight: Sequestration

November’s election will determine many important aspects of your future, but one of these issues looms large over the rest: sequestration. [more] 7-22-2014

Senate Rejects Cuts to Commissaries in 2015

AFGE activists played a major role in lawmakers’ decision to reject the Pentagon’s proposed cuts to the Defense Commissary Agency’s budget in 2015. [more] 7-22-2014

Two Easy Ways You Can Save Our Social Security

Social Security Offices are eliminating important services and being cut from communities. Learn how you can help turn that around. [more] 7-21-2014

AFGE BOP Locals in Colorado Work to Protect Veterans Suffering from PTSD

AFGE Locals at a Federal Correctional Complex in Colorado, are working on a project that will change the lives of correctional officers who served in the military and are suffering from PTSD. [more] 7-18-2014

Victory on Social Security

AFGE members helped save an essential service at Social Security Field Offices, but there’s still work to do. [more] 7-17-2014

Pres. Cox named to National Council on Federal Labor-Management Relations

Congratulations to National President J. David Cox, Sr. on his appointment to the National Council on Federal Labor-Management Relations. [more] 7-16-2014

AFGE Successfully Blocks Coast Guard’s Plan to Outsource Mailroom Functions

AFGE Council 120 took action after they learned the Coast Guard was planning to outsource the functions of 16 employees. [more] 7-14-2014

I Am AFGE: Meet Gabrielle Martin

Fighting Workplace Discrimination as EEOC Union Advocate [more] 7-9-2014

VA Rebate Blitz continues through Aug. 31

The VA Rebate Blitz was originally schedulde to run from June 1 to June 30 2014, with 1187s being accepted until July 31 2014. Now the blitz will run until July 31 with 1187s being accepted until August 31 2014. [more] 7-3-2014

Independence Day

A July 4 message from National President J. David Cox. [more] 7-3-2014

Parents of Slain Correctional Officer Eric Williams Join AFGE Leaders to Highlight Unsafe Prison Conditions

Jean and Don Williams joined AFGE leaders and Sen. Toomey to push for passage of a bill that would provide protections to Bureau of Prisons correctional officers. [more] 7-3-2014

Appeal Board Rejects TSA's Bogus Charges against TSO/Union Activist

It's no Secret TSA is one of the most anti-worker agencies in the government, but TSA in Norfolk took ridiculousness to a whole new level. [more] 7-1-2014

Family and Service at the VA

AFGE VA Local 2328 member Linda Fitzgerald tells the touching story of her daughter and her service at the Department of Veterans Affairs. [more] 7-1-2014

AFGE Stand Up 2014 Facebook Pages Live

Stand Up and stay informed on important issues in the 2014 Midterm Elections. Find your state and join the conversation with AFGE on Facebook. [more] 7-1-2014

AFGE Boycotts Staples

The U.S. Postal Service is adding more low-wage jobs to the economy by outsourcing work to low-wage employer Staples and replacing USPS workers with Staples workers who average only $8.50 an hour. [more] 6-25-2014

AFGE Celebrates LGBT Pride Month

AFGE leaders and staff share their views on equality, pride and celebrating LGBT Pride month. [more] 6-25-2014

AFGE Praises White House Memo Urging Expansion of Workplace Flexibilities

Presidential memorandum encourages adoption of telework, alternate work schedules [more] 6-24-2014

AFGE Updates – Now On Your Phone

AFGE National Introduces SMS Text Message Program for Local Updates And Action Alerts [more] 6-23-2014

Border Patrol agents go beyond call of duty to cope with influx of immigrants

Border Patrol agents along the Rio Grande Valley are coping with a record high number of unaccompanied juveniles and immigrants from Central America crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. These apprehensions are straining the border enforcement system and diverting agents’ attention from traditional law enforcement duties. [more] 6-19-2014

AFGE Nurse Wins National VA Nurse of the Year Award

AFGE member Tanya Peterson, registered nurse AFGE Local 599 member has been honored with the 2014 Secretary of Veterans Affairs Award for Excellence in the Staff Nurse category for her excellent work serving veterans. [more] 6-12-2014

President Cox honored with Peggy Browning Award for Social Justice Advocacy

AFGE National President J. David Cox Sr. was presented with the Peggy Browning Award on June 18 in recognition of his continuing dedication to the rights and needs of workers and their families. [more] 6-19-2014

Meet Brad Bradley: Greening Our Communities as EPA Superfund Coordinator

Brad Bradley joined the Environmental Protection Agency to help make the world a cleaner and safer place for you and me. He grew up watching Lake Erie nearly die due to industrial pollution and witnessing a massive fire on the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland in the late 1960s, and he knew he had to get involved. [more] 6-18-2014

AFGE President Arrested While Protesting Extremist Policies in North Carolina

National President J. David Cox Sr. was arrested here Monday while protesting extremist policies passed by the North Carolina state legislature that have targeted the state’s poorest and most vulnerable citizens. [more] 6-17-2014

AFGE Border Patrol Council Urges Reform of Administrative Uncontrollable Overtime Pay

AFGE National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd this week asked lawmakers to pass a Senate bill that would overhaul the outdated Administrative Uncontrollable Overtime (AUO) pay and provide funding for 5,000 Border Patrol agents. [more] 6-12-2014

AFGE Pride

Just as labor unions educate, empower and lobby politically on behalf of the middle class and working families, organizations committed to lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender individuals (LGBT) are an incredible source of information and advocacy. [more] 6-12-2014

AFGE Secures Victory Over Official Time Amendment

Rep. Gingrey (GA) proposed the official time amendment the afternoon of June 10 during floor debate over the fiscal 2015 Transportation-HUD Appropriations Bill. By 7 p.m., the bill had been defeated thanks to efforts of a grassroots coalition. [more] 6-11-2014

VA Employees' Union Cautiously Optimistic on Bipartisan Veterans Care Bill

AFGE expressed cautious optimism about recently announced legislation aimed at improving staffing and addressing wait times at VA medical facilities. [more] 6-6-2014

AFGE President Lauds Sen. Sanders’ Legislation Aimed at Fixing VA Woes

AFGE President Cox: By providing concrete solutions to the wait list issues and staffing shortages, this plan will ensure that the access to care matches the world-class service our nation’s heroes receive once they enter the VA system. [more] 6-5-2014

USP Prison Break Attempt

Escape attempt at USP Lee shows dire need for increased staffing in federal prisons. [more] 6-3-2014

Largest VA Employees Union Responds to Announcement of VA Secretary Shinseki’s Resignation

American Federation of Government Employees National President J. David Cox Sr. issued the following statement in response to the resignation of Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Secretary Eric Shinseki. [more] 5-30-2014

AFGE Congratulates CPL Members on New Contract

AFGE congratulates the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) and Council of Prisons Locals (CPL) in the signing of their new contract. This is the BOP’s first new contract in 16 years. [more] 5-30-2014

I Am AFGE - Meet Paul Ferris (5/5)

Paul Ferris wears his title as president of AFGE Local 2516 like a badge of honor. After all, the employees he represents work at an Army hospital caring for our men and women in uniform. [more] 5-28-2014

AFGE: A History of Progress and Innovation - AFGE: A Future “Big Enough to Win” (4/4)

AFGE always has had its pulse on the issues of the day and its eye on the future. On the eve of the 2013 Shutdown/Lockout, more than 700 AFGE members, officers and staff met in Orlando, Florida, to devise a strategy for growing the union in the coming decade. [more] 5-27-2014

Want to End Secret Wait Lists? Staff the VA.

AFGE President Cox: The public's outrage over excessive wait times and rigged recordkeeping at Veterans Affairs hospitals is more than justified. As a former VA nurse, I understand all too well that depriving veterans of timely access to care is a disservice to them and their sacrifice to this nation. [more] 5-22-2014

AFGE: A History of Progress and Innovation - AFGE: The Vision in Review (3/4)

From its humble beginnings as a upstart labor organization with 562 founding members, AFGE now represents more than 670,000 federal and D.C. government employees from coast to coast and around the world. [more] 5-21-2014

An Everyday Hero: Aaron Scott

A new series looks at Everyday Heroes. This week, AFGE explores Aaron Scott's life and career as a Bureau of Prisons Correctional Officer. [more] 5-19-2014

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