VA Membership Drive Recruits More Than 8,000 New Members

AFGE and its National VA Council ran a successful VA membership recruitment campaign that signed up 8,073 new members from June 1 to Sept. 30. [more] 10-17-2014

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Get Out the Vote!

With Election Day just a few short weeks away, time is running out to get involved, get educated, and get ready to vote. [more] 10-17-2014

Get the Facts: Ebola

At a time when Ebola is all over the news and it's easy for misinformation to get interpreted as truth, make sure you have the clear-cut facts. [more] 10-17-2014

Budget Cuts Slow Ebola Research

NIH Director points to budget cuts for delaying research on critical Ebola vaccine [more] 10-16-2014

Meet Matt Albucher: Fighting for Worker Rights Every Day

As a federal employee and AFGE union activist, Matt Albucher is on the front lines of the battle being waged daily against working people in America. [more] 10-15-2014

A group of Senators Threaten Another Government Shutdown

14 senators are threatening another government shutdown over a provision in the Affordable Health Care Act designed to keep insurance premiums low. [more] 10-14-2014

Feds’ Health Care Premiums to Increase $3 in 2015

On average, non-postal federal employees with self-only coverage will see their health care premiums go up $2.93 more per pay period next year. Those with family coverage will pay about $6.89 more, according to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). Changes in shares of premiums depend on what plan enrollees choose. [more] 10-10-2014

Minimizing Risk of Ebola Exposure for Employees at Points of Entry

AFGE Calls for Training and Protective Equipment to Prevent Employee Ebola Exposure for TSA and Border Patrol. [more] 10-10-2014

Election Day’s a Month Away!

You already know how important this election is to federal employees like us. But did you know that Election Day is only a month away? [more] 10-6-2014

AFGE Remembers Sharon Harnage

Sharon Harnage, wife of AFGE President Emeritus Bobby Harnage, passed away Friday morning. [more] 10-3-2014

AFGE Delivers Half-a-Million Signatures to Save Social Security Offices

AFGE and its coalition partners delivered a 500,000 signature petition demanding that the Social Security Administration keep its community offices open. [more] 10-3-2014

VA Delays Grade Reductions

AFGE Applauds VA Secretary Decision to Extend Stay on Health Care Worker Downgrades [more] 10-2-2014

Hispanic Heritage Month

AFGE highlights Hispanic women who have made history in labor, science and sports. [more] 10-1-2014

A Helping Hand

Border Patrol and ICE Agents Defend our Borders While Helping Those in Need [more] 10-1-2014

Here are the Candidates Who Will Fight For You

As the old adage goes, all politics is local. For federal employees, that means electing men and women at the local level who will fight for you in Washington. [more] 9-29-2014

AFGE Thanks Attorney General Eric Holder for his Service

Holder was committed to common sense reforms on mandatory minimum sentencing [more] 9-29-2014

Attention: Payroll Issue

Potential issue concerning payroll for employees who work in agencies that receive payroll services from the GSA. [more] 9-26-2014

VA Secretary Delivers Impassioned Presentation on Veterans' Care and Labor-Management Cooperation at Biannual Meeting

Largest VA employees union committed to working with Secretary McDonald to deliver exceptional care to veterans [more] 9-25-2014

I Am AFGE: Meet Nathan McCasline

Correctional Counselor Nathan McCasline’s top concern as an AFGE local president is the safety and security of the employees he represents. [more] 9-24-2014

National Voter Registration Day

Today is National Voter Registration Day and while volunteers around the country will be on street corners, outside of groceries stores, at bus and subway stops and elsewhere to help people register, you can get started right now. [more] 9-23-2014

AFGE Honors the Commitment, Passion and Service of Federal Nurses

Union seeks to raise awareness of the contributions to our nation by more than 100,000 nurses working in the federal sector [more] 9-22-2014

Building a union family one burger at a time

Building a vibrant local means more than signing up new members. It’s also about educating employees about what belonging to the union means for them and showing appreciation to existing members. [more] 9-19-2014

Border Patrol Union Applauds Senate Passage of Pay Reform Bill

AFGE urges swift House approval of bill to provide officers with fair and equitable pay system while reducing payroll costs. [more] 9-19-2014

Shutdown Avoided

House, Senate Approve Short-Term Bill to Fund Government until December [more] 9-19-2014

NVP Thomas Takes Up ALS Challenge

Watch AFGE National Vice President of Women's & Fair Practices August Thomas accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from National President J. David Cox, Sr. [more] 9-17-2014

Hispanic Heritage Month

Each week during Hispanic Heritage Month, the AFGE Women’s and Fair Practices Departments will highlight an influential person, historic event or share fun and interesting facts about the cultures of our Hispanic brothers and sisters. [more] 9-16-2014

Kilmer Announces Bill to Address Issues in Veterans Health Administration Scandal

Rep. Kilmer (WA) joined representatives from veterans’ organizations to discuss the systematic management issues within the Veterans Health Administration and to announce his new legislation to address them. [more] 9-12-2014

Staffing the VA

Secretary McDonald says VA Needs 28,000 New Employees [more] 9-15-2014

The End of Downgrades?

New VA Secretary Seeks to Halt Cruel VA Downgrades [more] 9-12-2014

Courage & Commitment

Read AFGE President J. David Cox's statement on the Sept. 11 anniversary. [more] 9-11-2014

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Date Article Title Publication
September 26, 2014 Potential issue concerning payroll for employees who work in agencies that receive payroll services from the GSA Feature Article
September 10, 2014 New Video: AFGE Rallies to Save Social Security Community Offices Feature Article
September 10, 2014 NST Hudson Accepts Ice Bucket Challenge Feature Article
September 9, 2014 Meet the People Preventing the Next 9/11 Huffington Post Op-Ed
September 8, 2014 Want to Contribute to AFGE PAC? There’s an App for That! Feature Article
September 5, 2014 Challenge Accepted Feature Article
September 5, 2014 Union Plus: AT&T Rebate Program Feature Article
September 4, 2014 AFGE Looks to the Future Feature Article
September 4, 2014 Walk a Mile in Her Shoes Feature Article
September 2, 2014 Government Standard: Stand Up 2014 Feature Article
August 28, 2014 We Need Unions Now More Than Ever Feature Article
August 27, 2014 Speaking Out for Federal Workers Feature Article
August 26, 2014 Care about your paycheck? Stand Up and Vote this November Feature Article
August 25, 2014 VA Council Hits 100K Members Feature Article
August 21, 2014 Federal Job Cuts Soar Feature Article

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