Your partnership with AFGE doesn't have to end when you retire. 

AFGE Retirees are front and center in our efforts to honor and defend government employees – both active and retired. That means advocating for a productive, healthy and secure retirement as well as good jobs, pay, and benefits for those who are still working.

Why Should I Join AFGE Retirees? 

  • Stay connected with friends through social activities and volunteer opportunities 
  • Keep informed about issues affecting retired and active government employees 
  • Take action to protect retirement security, jobs, and government employee pay
  • Save money on a host of benefits including dental discounts and annuities 
  • Share your skills with the next generation of union leaders and activists

You worked hard. Get the benefits you’ve earned.

By being an AFGE Retiree you'll have full access to the special AFGE benefits you enjoyed as a member, including:

Stand Up for the Issues that Matter to You

Whether it's by meeting with your lawmakers about issues close to your heart or helping to elect pro-union, pro-retiree lawmakers, the AFGE Retirees program has many opportunities for you to advocate for government workers – active and retired.



Why I Joined 

“Why am I still involved with AFGE? Because there is still a lot of work to be done to protect  the rights of government employees – active and retired. I may be retired but I still have a lot to give to the Union that gave a lot to me.” 

Terri Blackburn, Local 15, DoD, Retiree

“I’m retired but I still believe we’re all in this together. So I’m continuing to fight for government employees – active and retired – and the services we deliver for America every day."

Steve Kofahl, Local 3937, SSA, Retiree

“AFGE needs active retirees. When we stay involved it strengthens AFGE’s political clout on Capitol Hill – and we need that power now more than ever."

Darlene Tinsley, Local 3448, SSA, Retiree 


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