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AFGE Lauds Report Debunking Myth That Growing Tax Revenues Hurts Jobs - 12-3-2013
Union President Calls for New Revenues to Blunt Further Cuts to Federal Employee Pay and Benefits

House, Senate actions show deep divide in how to deal with federal budget - 3-6-2013
House votes to freeze and potentially slash pay for federal employees, while three senators call for reductions in enormous taxpayer subsidies to wealthiest contractors

Labor Groups to Obama: Don't Target Feds in Deficit Reduction Plan - 9-15-2011
Coalition tells White House that federal employees, retirees have sacrificed enough

AFGE Is Your Union! - 6-23-2011
TSA employees today elected AFGE as their exclusive union representative.

AFGE Confident in TSA Runoff Election Victory - 4-20-2011

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