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AFGE Council 45 supports the thousands of dedicated Food & Consumer Safety Inspectors working on the front lines of the meat, poultry, and egg products industries, usually under unsafe conditions, and safeguarding the American food supply.

A U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) regulation that requires federal food inspectors to merely monitor plant records rather than inspect the food Americans eat is being challenged in court by AFGE.

The lawsuit, filed April 8, 2011 on behalf of the meat and poultry inspectors AFGE represents, seeks to halt USDA's implementation of a rule that in effect deregulates the critical post-mortem inspection of meat and poultry carcasses and instead relies on an industry "honor system." "The meat and poultry industry should assume more responsibility for its products but not at the cost of eliminating vital hands-on inspections by qualified government inspectors," emphasized Delmer Jones, head of AFGE's National Joint Council of Food Inspection Locals and a 39-year veteran meat and poultry inspector.

AFGE is asking that the court order the USDA to continue its post-mortem examination of all meat and poultry carcasses by federal inspectors rather than turning the plant inspection process over to the industry.

"This is a backdoor attempt to change administratively what Congress would never consider changing legislatively--severely weakening the entire meat and poultry inspection process," National President Bobby L. Harnage pointed out. "We're not about to sit back and watch while USDA abdicates its responsibilities to American consumers."

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