Benefits for AFGE Members

When you join the union, you have access to these AFGE benefits. These benefits are backed by the collective strength of over 10-million members of AFL-CIO unions. By using one or two of the programs, many members save as much as their annual dues.

These Money-Saving Benefits are Available Only to AFGE Members:

Pet Care Program

How to Access This Benefit

This benefit is only available to members of AFGE. If you are a member of AFGE, please login to the Members Only section. If you are not a member, but would like to find out how to become one, please visit the Join AFGE section.

Having a Union Plus Pet Insurance policy means not having to worry about the cost of treating an unexpected illness or an injury resulting from an accident. Through Union Plus Pet Insurance Program, unionmembers save up to 10% off regular premium rates.

When pets become a part of your family, your heart often tells you to spare no expense for their health care and future well-being. But medical costs are rising for the four-legged members of the family just as they are for their owners. According to the American Animal Hospital Association, the average bill for a routine veterinary visit can cost $100 to $150 per visit. Treatment for your pets' major illness or injury can easily run into the thousands of dollars.

Union Plus Pet Services is designed to help labor union members keep their dogs, cats and other pets healthy and happy - at a reasonable price.

  • Union Plus Pet Health Insurance: Protect against the unexpected cost of your pets' illnesses or injuries. Save 10% with your Union Plus discount or get your first month free when you enroll your pet into Quickcare First. Responsible pet ownership means visiting your veterinarian on a regular basis for routine treatments, vaccinations and examinations. However, statistics show that pets will require unexpected treatments from time to time throughout their lifetimes. Your vet is a highly skilled expert who has the ability to practice the latest medical techniques often required to return your pet to good health. Insuring your pet will assist you in managing the costs associated with good quality veterinary medicine.
  • Union Plus Pet Health Care: Veterinarian savings on routine services and much more. Take advantage of 40% savings on membership through the Union Plus program provider, PetAssure.  This is not an insurance program. It is a pet health care savings program designed to provide savings for all veterinary services, including routine pet health care and coverage for all animals. The Union Plus Pet Savings program may be used in conjunction with traditional pet insurance to save you even more money on all veterinary bills.  

Bites, Barks & Messes: Pets and the Law

Is every dog really entitled to "one free bite?" Can you sue the owner of a barking dog or a cat that scares away the birds? Can you leave money to your pet through a trust? These are just a few of the most common questions people have about animals and the law. Members can take a quick look at the basic rules and then apply them to some common situations.

Available outside the US?

Answer: No. AFGE continues its effort to expand this and other benefit programs to all members regardless of where they reside.

updated 2/24/08

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In DC: 639-6941

Programs are subject to change.

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