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The Top Three Reasons Why You Should Attend the 2016 National Leadership Meeting

Here's a preview of what to expect at the 2016 Leadership Conference in Philadelphia. [more] 5-4-2016

Meet the Controversial Commission Working to Sell Out Veterans’ Health Care

After more than a decade of inadequate funding and staffing, Congress created a group to oversee the improvement of veterans' health care. [more] 4-29-2016

TSA Contract Negotiations Are Over: Now What?

Getting a fair contract for TSA Officers is only half the battle. Here's what members need to do next. [more] 4-29-2016

New Beginning for Evaluating Employee Performance at DoD

The Pentagon is changing the way it determines who is hired, fired, promoted, and demoted. [more] 4-29-2016

Celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

The Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA) is sponsoring events in New York and D.C. to recognize the contributions of Asian Pacific Americans. [more] 4-29-2016

Creating a More Hostile Workplace

Under a new provision, Congress would leave public servants without a path for justice. [more] 4-25-2016

Oklahoma City, 21 Years On

More than two decades after more than one hundred government workers and their children were killed in a terrorist attack, our resolve has grown stronger - and the lead investigator of the attack is poised to become a Supreme Court Justice. [more] 4-25-2016

The Plot to Sell Out Veterans’ Health Care

Read key quotes and facts from a column by AFGE President J. David Cox Sr. on how private hospital executives are plotting to take over veterans' health care. [more] 4-14-2016

On the Run from the Feds

Whether you're running or watching from the sidelines, every AFGE member can take part in the Public Service Recognition Week 5K to support all public servants. [more] 4-18-2016

AFGE Wins Back Pay for DoD Health Care Employees

These defense employees were not aware they were entitled to additional pay, but AFGE was able to get them the back pay they deserved. [more] 4-14-2016

How Do you Solve Long Airport Lines?

The answer is so easy, you'll be surprised that these people don't get it. [more] 4-18-2016

Meet Mr. 300,000

When Matthew McDearmon joined his union, he became part of a much larger story. [more] 4-8-2016

Hope In Union

How a decade-long fight to change the rules has reignited hope for the children of two working families. [more] 4-8-2016

NVP Bunn Elected Treasurer of Metropolitan Washington Central Labor Council

The longest serving member of the Metropolitan Washington Central Labor Council, AFGE's own NVP Eric Bunn, was elected by acclamation as the organization's new treasurer. [more] 4-8-2016

How Can Cats and Dogs Explain Inequality and Unions?

In our dog-eat-dog world, Americans are working more than ever but earning less than in the 1970s, (when adjusted for inflation)—a true cat-astrophe! [more] 4-6-2016

High Court Victory for Working People in Fair Share Fees Case

In one of the most important court cases for working people in decades, the Supreme Court came to a split ruling, preventing a massive free-rider tax on workers and their unions. [more] 4-1-2016

From Homeless Shelter Resident to Homeowner

Coleman, an American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) Local 2727 member, was homeless and working hard just to keep a roof over her children’s head, even if that roof was shared with many other people. [more] 4-1-2016

Inside the Plot to Destroy Veterans' Health Care

The VA Commission on Care is stacked with private hospital executives that stand to benefit financially from privatizing the VA. Now, Veterans Service Organizations like the American Legion are fighting back. [more] 4-1-2016

Wealthy? Don't Want To Pay Taxes? This Budget is for You!

Rep. Price has a budget plan for (uh, only a couple) of you. [more] 4-1-2016

Budget Expert Thomas Kahn Joins AFGE as Legislative Director

AFGE is excited to announce that former House Budget Committee Staff Director Thomas Kahn has joined the union as legislative director. [more] 4-1-2016

It Took 1 Fire and 146 Dead Workers to Change Workplace Safety Laws.

It's been 105 years since the fire that sparked a workplace safety revolution tool place. But are we safer? [more] 3-25-2016

Defense Department Activists Speak Up for Frontline Workers on Capitol Hill

Attacks to the pay, benefits and jobs of DoD employees are coming from all sides. This group of AFGE activists came to Washington to fight back. [more] 3-28-2016

Julie Tippens Named AFGE’s First-ever Retiree Program Director

AFGE's newly created program for retirees has its first director. [more] 3-25-2016

4 Spring/Summer Training Opportunities You Don’t Want to Miss

Good things come to those who train. That's why you don't want to miss these training opportunities this spring and summer. [more] 3-25-2016

New Beginnings Explained

Here's what you need to know about the Department of Defense's New Performance Appraisal System. [more] 3-21-2016

This Senator Thinks Feds Deserve 5.3% Catch-Up Pay

The fight for 5.3% took a big leap forward this week as a group of Senators, lead by Brian Schatz of Hawaii, introduced their own measure to give employees a 5.3% catch up. [more] 3-18-2016

A Measure of Justice: From the Bombing to the Bench

Long before Merrick Garland became President Obama’s nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court, he helped lay the groundwork for the conviction of the Oklahoma City bombing perpetrators. [more] 3-18-2016

From Tragedy to Triumph: The Legacy of Officer Eric Williams

It took three years of hard work and advocacy to make pepper spray a reality for correctional workers. Here's the whole story. [more] 3-18-2016

Not So Fast, Department of Defense

Defense workers are about to get a good new performance system – but only if the Department of Defense doesn't rush it. [more] 3-18-2016

VA Steps Up Suicide Prevention Initiatives

The Department of Veterans Affairs is taking action to heal veterans' unseen wounds and reduce veteran suicides. [more] 3-18-2016

A Woman's Place Is in Her Union

Unions make a difference in the lives of women, their families, and their communities worldwide. We decided to find out why — here's what we found. [more] 3-14-2016

Fired Up at Fort Gordon

Workers at Fort Gordon have endured harassment, threats, and dangerous working conditions for years. For years they were ignored by hostile management. This week, they stood together and fought back. [more] 3-14-2016

Bureau of Prison Workers Get a Boost!

Thanks to years of hard work by AFGE Council of Prison Locals representatives, some BOP medical staff are now on their way to getting a well-deserved bumps in pay. [more] 3-14-2016

7 Ways to Save on Spring Break Every AFGE Member Should Know

Whether you'll be enjoying spring break from the comforts of your home or heading off on an adventure of a lifetime, enjoy the savings that come with being an AFGE member. [more] 3-14-2016

Going the Extra Mile to Keep our Promise to Veterans

The National VA Council hosts the NVAC/AFGE National Health and Safety Conference, where hundreds of dedicated public servants gathered to share best practices and improve their service to veterans. [more] 3-7-2016

The Government Standard March/April Edition

Inside, you'll learn more about AFGE’s fight to secure a 5.3% catch-up pay adjustment, what union members are doing to help the people of Flint, MI and more. [more] 3-7-2016

Unions Do Not Stand in the Way of Cybersecurity

There is truly no limit to the depth that anti-union lawmakers will stoop in their ongoing crusade to suppress the workers’ voice at the job site. [more] 3-7-2016

A Father's Wish. A Giant Leap for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

The government had failed federal workers with children with autism spectrum disorders. But through relentless effort, AFGE finally got the health insurance rule changed. [more] 3-7-2016

Legislative Round Up

Here's a quick recap of recent legislative actions that public servants need to know. [more] 3-7-2016

The Fight to Deliver Your Catch Up Pay Is Gaining Momentum

These 33 lawmakers are standing up for government employees by fighting for a 5.3% catch-up pay adjustment. [more] 2-26-2016

Pre-9/11 Era Airport Security Coming to Atlanta?

Airport privatizers are at it again. This time, they're setting their sights on Atlanta. [more] 2-26-2016

House Passes Bill to Provide Pepper Spray to Correctional Workers

After years of advocacy and sacrifice, correctional workers will never go defenseless on the job again. [more] 2-26-2016

Scott Walker is Attacking Public Servants (Again)

The governor’s back to his old tricks in Wisconsin. His union-busting strategy has been used by other anti-worker lawmakers before – could it happen again? [more] 2-26-2016

The Hallowed Grounds of D.C.: A Look into Black History and Civil Rights Through Photos

Washington, D.C. holds countless memories, buildings, and stories of those who've struggled tirelessly for equal rights. National Vice President Eric Bunn, Sr. went out to better understand the history of the city he represents. [more] 2-25-2016

AFGE Rallied for a 5.3% Raise and We’re Just Getting Started

Hundreds of AFGE leaders and activists gathered in D.C. in February. See what happened through photos and video—learn how we’re prepared to keep up the fight all year long. [more] 2-19-2016

25,000 Marched to Protest the Worst Voter Suppression Laws in the Country

The right to vote belongs to everybody. [more] 2-19-2016

Senators Must Uphold the Constitution and Consider a Supreme Court Nominee

By obstructing the Supreme Court nomination process, some senators are willing to undermine the Constitution for political gains. [more] 2-19-2016

Meet AFGE’s Police Officer of the Year

Sgt. Jody Fiala goes above and beyond the call of duty as lead patrol officer at Naval Station Mayport in Jacksonville, Fla. He’s an emergency response expert who has trained more than 5,000 people on what to do during an active shooting incident. [more] 2-19-2016

Building Bridges over Troubled Water

When Flint failed to provide clean water for its families, labor unions, lawmakers and community organizations stepped up to help. [more] 2-17-2016

Black History Month: What's Your Story?

Black History Month is a time to recognize those who brought America closer to its ideals and honor lesser-known but extraordinary efforts of many others. [more] 2-12-2016

5 Quotes to Spark Organizers into Action

What happens when a former nurse and current president of one of America's biggest unions takes the stage to enliven hundreds of activists? [more] 2-12-2016

The 7 Best Moments from the 2016 Legislative Conference

AFGE activists gathered in Washington, D.C. to take a stand against anti-worker politicians. [more] 2-12-2016

If This Bill Passes, TSA Officers Will No Longer Be Second-class Employees

New legislation introduced by Reps. Thompson and Lowey would finally grant TSA Officers the same workplace protections as other federal employees. [more] 2-12-2016

It's Time for a 5.3% Federal Pay Raise

We said it loud and clear: A 1.6% raise doesn’t cut it after 3 years of pay freezes, 5 years of locality pay freezes, and a week of unpaid furloughs. [more] 2-12-2016

Congress Introduces AFGE-Proposed 5.3% Pay Raise Bill

We said it loud and clear: A 1.6% raise doesn’t cut it. Congress listened. [more] 2-12-2016

Financial Officers Training: Simplifying The Rules For Financial Success

Being a financial officer is hard, but we've got you covered with this training. [more] 2-7-2016

Obama Offers 1.6% Pay Raise for 2017-- That’s It!?

Federal employees deserve a 5.3% raise, not the paltry 1.6% proposed by the White House. [more] 2-5-2016

Meet the 'Firing Squad’

Hundreds of thousands of federal employees could be fired for any or no reason. [more] 2-5-2016

22 Million were Hurt by the OPM Data Breach. Now AFGE is Leading the Lawsuit to Get their Lives Back

AFGE attorney was recently named the lead counsel to represent the 22 million people affected by last year’s OPM data breach. [more] 2-5-2016

Congressman Goes for the Jugular with Most Anti-Federal-Union Legislation in Decades

Congress Tom Price is on a mission to take away your freedom to join a union. [more] 2-5-2016

Senator Takes Emergency Action on Commissaries

Congress Contemplates Backtracking Commissary Workers Wages and Benefits. [more] 2-5-2016

Shocker: New Study Shows Union Members Earn More than Non-Union

New study shows union members have a bigger voice and bigger paycheck. [more] 2-5-2016

Five Things You Should Know About the 2016 AFGE Legislative Conference

Are you packed and ready to attend the 2016 Legislative and Grassroots Mobilization Conference in Washington, D.C.? Here's what you need to know before you arrive (and a few things you should throw in your suitcase). [more] 2-5-2016

Moving Mountains and Creating Change: Augusta Y. Thomas is Our Everyday Hero

Augusta Thomas was punished for defying segregation 50 years ago. Now, she's been honored for it. [more] 2-1-2016

The Zika Virus is Here. Meet the Federal Scientists Racing to Stop It

The mosquito-born virus is spreading. These federal scientists are racing to stop it. [more] 1-29-2016

You Won’t Believe What TSA Officers Found in People’s Carry-ons

TSA Officers reached a new record last year as they discovered 2,653 firearms—a majority of which were loaded. [more] 1-29-2016

Snowzilla: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Union Members Keeping DC Safe and Warm

How D.C. Union Workers Kept Their City Safe in the Snow [more] 1-29-2016

8 Ways Congress Changes How Your Agency Can Use Administrative Leave

Here are 8 ways Congress changes how your agency can use administrative leave. [more] 1-29-2016

Obama Enlists Pentagon to Overhaul Security Clearance System, Data Protection

Obama Enlists Pentagon to Overhaul Security Clearance System, Data Protection. [more] 1-29-2016

Experts Agree: Government Contractors Are Bleeding Taxpayers Dry [Video]

The Department of Defense wastes tens of billions of dollars every year hiring service contractors to do work that federal employees can do for two to three times less. [more] 1-28-2016

How Does the Government Make its Snow Day Decisions Anyway?

A blizzard has hit, and your front yard looks like the North Pole. You’re wondering whether or how you’ll get to work the following morning. [more] 1-27-2016

Treading Water: Flint's Water Crisis and What It Says About America Today

When officials cut corners to get a cheaper water source for Flint, Mich., half of its children tested positive for elevated lead levels. But it's not just Flint that is suffering. [more] 1-27-2016

Whistleblowers are Putting it All on the Line. Will Congress Protect Them?

Retaliation has skyrocketed over the last several years in the federal government. Can the office that protects whistleblowers keep up with without any new funding? [more] 1-22-2016

50 Years Ago this Week, JFK Told Federal Employees ‘Union, Yes!’

50 Years ago this week, President John F. Kennedy gave his employees a meaningful voice at work. [more] 1-21-2016

From At-Risk to Activist: AFGE's Eric Young Honored with Prestigious MLK Day Award

After years of dangerous inmate population growth from strict sentencing laws, this correctional officer and union leader is fighting for reform from the inside. [more] 1-22-2016

Working People Turn to Unions to Brave the New Economy

From writers at online news site Gawker in Manhattan, to Uber drivers in Seattle, to Volkswagen workers in Tennessee, workers across the country stood up for their right to have a voice at work. [more] 1-22-2016

VA Launched New Reform Initiative. And This Happened.

The MyVA Transformation Initiative had so much potential to improve veterans' health care. Here's how it went wrong. [more] 1-22-2016

You’re Fired! Congress Rings in the New Year with Measures to Undermine Your Job

Congress Rings in the New Year with Measures to Undermine Your Job. [more] 1-15-2016

4 Things Feds Need to Know about Obama’s Final State of the Union Address

On Tuesday night, President Barack Obama delivered his final State of the Union address to Congress and the American people. [more] 1-15-2016

San Francisco VA Employees Sound the Alarm on Chronic Understaffing

What you need to know about what’s going on at the San Francisco VA hospital. [more] 1-15-2016

Will this Decision be the Final Blow to the American Working Class?

Supreme Court Considers Making It Harder for Working People to Get Ahead. [more] 1-15-2016

From Long Island, With Solidarity: Local 1843 Takes Their Message to Capitol Hill

3 ways an eye-opening experience fired up these two AFGE activists. [more] 1-15-2016

Solidarity and Service at the VA [VIDEO]

In this latest orientation video, activists take a fresh look on the role of unions. [more] 1-15-2016

Don’t Just Celebrate MLK Day - Act!

MLK Day is a day of action. Here in D.C., we plan on attending the sold out 2016 AFL-CIO Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Civil and Human Rights Conference. [more] 1-15-2016

Pentagon Targets Military Families for Cuts

Military families are trying to make ends meet, but the Pentagon is making things harder for them. [more] 1-15-2016

6 Important Quotes About Working People from the 2016 State of the Union

What did President Obama say about working people in his last State of the Union? Here's 6 important quotes ? [more] 1-13-2016

What Millennials Think About the Labor Movement May Surprise You

Reports of labor’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. A new poll finds support for labor unions up across the board from five years ago, especially among younger Americans. [more] 1-8-2016

Air Force Plans to Lay Off 1,000 Civilian Workers

Just in time for the new year, the Air Force says it will cut more than 1,000 civilian jobs by early April as part of a mandatory reduction-in-force (RIF). [more] 1-10-2016

DoD Cuts Civilian Employees While Throwing Money at Contractors

DoD is on track to meet the civilian cuts, but it’s actually planning to increase spending on service contractors this year, according to a new report. [more] 1-10-2016

One Union: How 2 AFGE Local Leaders Connected with Local Activists

Two AFGE Local 1843 activists from the Northport VA in Long Island, N.Y., walked away from the Long Island Federation of Labor Local Union Leadership Training with greater connections with other local labor leaders. [more] 1-10-2016

10 Labor Accounts We’re Following in 2016

10 labor accounts we're following in 2016. Plus—how unions are already using Twitter to tell their stories in 2016 ? [more] 1-8-2016

How would you spend $5.7 billion every year?

Defense could save $5.7 billion annually by transferring just one-fourth of jobs performed by active-duty service members to civilian employees. [more] 1-5-2016

A Banner Year for AFGE

We welcomed our 300,000th member to the AFGE family. We stopped a shutdown and put off the sequester for 2 years. And together, we finally got our workers a locality increase raise after years of a locality pay freeze. [more] 12-23-2015

The Government Standard January/February 2016

The January/February edition of The Government Standard has arrived just in time for the holiday season! [more] 12-21-2015

1.3% Pay Increase Locked In as Congress Approves 2016 Budget

The House and Senate this week approved a funding package that keeps the federal government funded through September, 2016 [more] 12-18-2015

Privatize Your Job? Not on AFGE’s Watch

AFGE went to bat against big corporations who wanted to privatize your jobs, and after months of hard work we emerged victorious. [more] 12-18-2015

Big Wins for BOP Officer Safety

Because of your hard work, the Senate just voted YES to provide pepper spray to correctional workers. [more] 12-18-2015

What Will Your Agency Get in 2016?

The funding package passed both the House and the Senate and President Obama is expected to sign it into law. How much will your agency get in 2016 compared to 2015? [more] 12-18-2015

WINning the Airwaves for Labor

In 2002, radio wasn't telling labor's story. Frank Empsak decided to change that by starting Workers' Independent Radio. [more] 12-18-2015

Guess Who Won Defense Secretary’s Depot Award?

AFGE Local 2317 depot employees at the Marine Corps Logistics Base in Albany, Ga., earned their bragging rights this month. [more] 12-18-2015

AFGE Leaders Meet with Senior DoD Leaders

At the 2015 DoD Maintenance Symposium in Phoenix, AFGE leaders held a series of private meetings with senior military and civilian leaders to stress the vital role that Defense civilians play in maintaining and repairing military equipment and weapons for use by our troops. [more] 12-18-2015

Are Shutdown Furloughs Around the Corner?

To avoid a government shutdown, the House and Senate last week passed a short-term bill to fund the government until Dec. 16 as lawmakers continue to work to come to an agreement on a long-term $1.1 trillion funding package. [more] 12-11-2015

Will This Lawmaker Save Defense Workers’ Jobs?

AFGE President J. David Cox Sr. Dec. 3 met with Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, to discuss three pressing issues that affect the Department of Defense’s civilian workforce. [more] 12-11-2015

AFGE Local Calls for Congressional Investigation after Hundreds Got Sick, Died at Hazardous Worksite

Hundreds of people have either got terminally ill or died after working at the former nuclear weapons facility – the only facility in the United States that housed both nuclear manufacturing and federal agencies in the same building. [more] 12-11-2015

Defense Department Denies Trying to Outsource Email System

After being caught red-handed trying to illegally outsource its email system, the Defense Information Systems Agency is denying having ever done such a thing. [more] 12-11-2015

Registration Open for 2016 Legislative Conference

Join hundreds of AFGE leaders and activists who will be attending AFGE’s 2016 Legislative and Grassroots Mobilization Conference in February. [more] 12-11-2015

Union Made in America Gift Ideas

Make this holiday season special by giving your friends and families lovely gifts while supporting your fellow union workers. [more] 12-11-2015

Locality Pay Raises Are Coming Next Month – Here’s What You Need to Know

There was good news and not-so-good news regarding the pay raise for 2016. The good news was that for the first time in six years, we finally got an increase in locality pay. [more] 12-7-2015

AFGE Pushes 3.9% Cost of Living Increase for Federal Retirees

AFGE is urging Congress to pass a bill that would give retirees, including federal retirees, a 3.9% increase in their cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) next year. [more] 12-7-2015

Membership Pays: Meet This AFGE Member Who Was Just Awarded $36,000

For Nathan Sporin, union membership means a better life and a sense of stability. [more] 12-7-2015

How Many Government Contractors Are Working at DoD, Anyway?

Contract inventories are important as DoD spends two times more on service contracts than on civilian employees, with service contract costs having more than doubled during the last ten years. [more] 12-7-2015

This AFGE DFAS Activist Has Enlisted Leading Senators to Stand on His Side

The Army is reorganizing, and it wants to build its own financial offices staffed by soldiers who will be doing tasks financial professionals at DFAS have already been doing efficiently and effectively. [more] 12-7-2015

D.C.’s First Responders Praise New Program to Improve 911 Services

AFGE EMS Local 3721 President Aretha Lyles applauds Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie’s introduction of a bill that would reduce non-emergency 911 calls and hospital readmission. [more] 12-7-2015

AFGE Depot Activists Notch Major Wins on Defense Bill

It was a tough, hard fought year for AFGE activists working at depots and arsenals nationwide. Their livelihoods depend on provisions in the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act, a policy bill that authorizes programs at the Department of Defense. [more] 12-7-2015

Clinton, Sanders Join AFGE’s Historic Presidential Forum

Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders answered tough questions on the issues most important to government employees. [more] 12-4-2015

VIDEO: How to Get People Living with HIV/AIDS the Housing They Need

December 1st is World AIDS Day. Together, many of our members have worked hard to get us where we are today. [more] 12-1-2015

Happy Thanksgiving from AFGE

Watch National President J. David Cox's holiday message. [more] 11-26-2015

VIDEO: The Surprising Truth About Public Housing

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has been forced to eliminate housing vouchers for 85,000 people since 2013. [more] 11-20-2015

TSA Busted for Violating Contract and Trying to Get Away with It

There’s a reason all workers need a collective bargaining agreement AND its enforcement. At TSA, this couldn’t be more true. [more] 11-20-2015

The Truth About VA Health Care?

In a recent article for The American Prospect, investigative journalist Suzanne Gordon masterfully outlined the remarkable care delivered by the Veterans Health Administration, and warns against the scapegoating and pack journalism that threaten to take it down. [more] 11-20-2015

VA Opens First Clinic for Transgender Veterans as Nation Marks Transgender Day

The Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center in Ohio will provide primary care, hormone therapy, and mental health care to up to 20 transgender veterans one day a month. [more] 11-20-2015

AFGE Recognizes Native American Heritage Month

Each year, AFGE’s Women’s and Fair Practices Departments take this month as an opportunity to shed light on the many different ways Native Americans have shaped our society. [more] 11-20-2015

Joe Hill: Anniversary of an Icon

It has been 100 years since the execution of Joe Hill -- but his actions, words and tunes still echo through the hearts and minds of a century of labor organizers. [more] 11-20-2015

Rich CEOs Are Asking the Supreme Court to Dismantle the Middle Class

America’s economy has swung out of balance. It’s getting harder to get by, let alone get ahead. Everyday Americans are working more than ever before and that’s created record wealth that’s everywhere but ordinary peoples’ wallets. [more] 11-19-2015

Your Friendly Neighborhood Post Office...and Bank?

28% of Americans are underserved by banks, turning to shady lenders and predatory financial institutions. A potential solution? The U.S. Postal Service. [more] 11-17-2015

How to Strengthen Your Union & Influence People

Ron Demicheli is everywhere - pounding the pavement, serving on boards, and convincing a quarter of his union to show how much they care about our cause. He may be the most active AFGE retiree yet. [more] 11-17-2015

Here's How to End Homelessness While Saving Taxpayer Dollars

Handout. Waste. Entitlement. These are terms you're likely to hear when HUD enters the conversation. The one piece commonly left out is subsidized housing saves taxpayers millions of dollars each year. [more] 11-16-2015

Will Federal Employees in These Two States Get a Raise?

AFGE’s proposal to add these two regions to the expansion of locality pay system may result in higher pay for thousands of workers. [more] 11-9-2015

New Poll Uncovers What Veterans Really Think About the VA

Regardless of their age, location, political party, or income level, veterans largely agreed in their feelings about the VA Health Care System. [more] 11-10-2015

Honoring Veterans Means More Than Just a Holiday

AFGE National President J. David Cox Sr. shows how veterans often continue their service after they complete their tours of duty and explains why we must uphold the promises we've made to our nation's heroes. [more] 11-11-2015

Here’s Why TSA Officers Are Picketing across the Country

TSA Officers keep thousands of dangerous weapons off of airplanes every year. But rather than recognize their critical role, TSA has done everything in its power to keep from recognizing the rights of its employees. [more] 11-13-2015

This Gulf War Veteran Has a Message for the VA

When this veteran returned from war, there was only one place that he trusted to get him back on his feet. But with Congress actively dismantling the VA, will today’s veterans get the same level of care? [more] 11-13-2015

AFGE Applauds Beth Cobert’s Nomination as OPM Director

Cobert showed honesty, transparency and leadership after she took control of the Office of Personnel Management during the massive data security breach crisis. [more] 11-13-2015

Honoring our Fallen Brothers in Law Enforcement

Union members remember their lost brothers after a week of meeting with elected officials and lobbying for adequate funding and protections to protect workers at the Bureau of Prisons. [more] 11-13-2015

District 14 University a Major Hit with AFGE Activists

Drawing dozens of members from across the region, District 14 University is the culmination of months of effort to take their training regimen to the next level. [more] 11-13-2015

Raise Your Voice: Meet the Communications Department

The AFGE Communications Department is here to help amplify the voices of our locals and councils through newsletters, web stories, videos, social media and email. [more] 11-13-2015

Veterans Reject Koch Brothers Plot to Privatize Health Care

In a Daily Kos blog, President Cox questions why elected officials continue to try to throw veterans to for profit health industry even though veterans overwhelmingly oppose VA privatization. [more] 11-12-2015

Watch Now: Honoring Our Heroes

After they serve our country in the Armed Forces, many veterans continue to work as public servants. AFGE is proud to represent and honor our nation's heroes in our Veterans Day video. [more] 11-10-2015

New Poll Uncovers What Veterans Really Think About the VA

Veterans fought for our country. And now new research confirms they don’t want to fight for quality health care while private and for-profit health insurance corporations profit from them. What the latest findings reveal. [more] 11-10-2015

The Government Standard Nov/ Dec Edition

Read the November/December edition of the Government Standard to learn what presidential candidates Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders had to say to members, how AFGE activists blew past our membership goal of 300k, and the latest news around AFGE. [more] 11-9-2015

This Congressman Is Promoting Arbitrary Firing, Retaliation Governmentwide, Again

House Veterans’ Affairs Committee Chairman Jeff Miller thinks that his bill that allows management to fire VA employees for any reason is so successful that he wants to expand it to the rest of the federal government. [more] 11-6-2015

AFGE Border Patrol, ICE Agents Win DHS’s Highest Valor Award

Two Border Patrol agents who saved multiple people from a burning vehicle were recognized for their valor Nov. 3 by Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson. An Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent also won the Secretary’s Award for Exemplary Service. [more] 11-6-2015

Uplifting Young Lives, One Tie at a Time

It can be felt. The feeling that you are welcome and well embraced in the community. As leaders of AFGE Local 573 at Federal Correctional Institution Aliceville in Alabama, Local President Ray Coleman and Secretary Treasurer Terrence Windham felt it was their duty to give back to the community. [more] 11-6-2015

Is it possible to have 100% or nearly 100% membership? For this local, the answer is yes

It was the energy of the crowd that got Beverly Wilmer excited. That fall afternoon, people emerged from the building in droves to join an informational picket calling on the Reagan administration to give them a well-deserved cost of living adjustment. [more] 11-6-2015

Are You A Veteran? Join AFGE Veterans today!

Our veterans have served our country with distinction all over the world. But let’s face it – when many veterans come home to their families, their needs aren't being met. [more] 11-6-2015

How Is DoD Paying Back Veterans and Military Spouses for Their Sacrifice?

A large number of workers who work at defense commissaries nationwide are veterans and military spouses, yet they are the prime target when the Pentagon is looking for ways to cut costs. Under a plan the Pentagon is considering, their pay will be cut substantially, their health insurance premium will go up, their pension a distant dream. [more] 11-6-2015

AFGE Welcomes Ft. Hood Employees to the AFGE Family!

Professional employees at Ft. Hood, Texas, voted Thursday to be represented by AFGE. [more] 11-6-2015

Text of TPP Is Here. So Is Disappointment

The administration on Thursday released the text of the notorious international trade deal Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and we are disappointed. [more] 11-6-2015

You Organize, We Plan: Meet AFGE’s Finance Department

As a union, sometimes talking about finances can be overlooked. We spend our time working for people, not profits. [more] 11-4-2015

Are You A Veteran? Join AFGE Veterans today!

The new group brings together AFGE members who are veterans to speak out on critical vets issues. [more] 11-2-2015

Congress Spares Federal Workers' Paychecks in New Budget

Thanks to AFGE, a bipartisan proposal that passed both the House and the Senate did not balance the budget on the backs of federal employees. [more] 10-30-2015

Pop the Champagne: AFGE Makes History by Reaching 300,000 Members

AFGE makes history by reaching 300,000 members. How did we do it? [more] 10-30-2015

7 Things DoD Can Do to Save Money Right Now

Here are 7 things it can do right now to generate savings. [more] 10-23-2015

This Group of Feds Is Facing a $10,000 Pay Cut

If the Pentagon gets its way, these 12,000 employees could face a pay cut of at least $10,000 a year. [more] 10-30-2015

Don’t Let Special Interests Break Our Promise to America’s Veterans.

First, You Have to Commit to a Rock Solid VA. [more] 10-27-2015

Congress Just Approved More Sick Leave for Disabled Veterans in Government

Veterans are facing the choice of missing a doctor’s appointment or risk losing their job on a regular basis. This bill would change that. [more] 10-30-2015

AFGE, FEMA Reach 1st National Master Agreement

AFGE and FEMA have just reached a tentative agreement on a first national master agreement that will greatly improve their working conditions. [more] 10-27-2015

This Bill Would Protect Federal Retirees against Predatory Lenders

These lawmakers want to do something about it. [more] 10-30-2015

Sights and Sounds from AFGE Local 32’s Annual Fall Festival

On a beautiful day in downtown Washington, employees at OPM and surrounding agencies spent their lunch hour visiting exhibit tables from area organizations. [more] 10-30-2015

Defense Cuts Turn this Small Community into a "Welfare Town"

Fort Huachuca has been the lifeblood of this city, but its residents face an uncertain future in the face of sequestration. [more] 10-28-2015

Border Patrol, You're On The Air

AFGE Border Patrol Vice President Shawn Moran wanted to tell stories from the border. So he took to the airwaves - and won AFGE's top communications award in the process. [more] 10-28-2015

Last-Minute Vote to Strip VA Whistleblower Protections Fails, Thanks to This Senator

Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida’s attempt to exploit the VA crisis and Walmartize the VA and the entire federal government failed when his colleagues blocked an up-or-down vote on his extreme legislation. [more] 10-22-2015

The President Has Two Words for Lawmakers Who Want to Cut Defense Jobs: ‘No Thanks’

Obama vetoed and sent back to Congress the 2016 Defense Authorization Act which authorizes spending on defense programs. [more] 10-22-2015

Past Due: Why Congress Can’t Seem to Pay Their Bills on Time

Deciding whether or not to pay the debts incurred to fund the previously approved spending is nuts. [more] 10-23-2015

The Problem with the Federal Pay System Is No One Cares to Fund It

Federal agencies have more than enough flexibility within the current pay system to raise wages as needed to meet market demands. It’s Congresses and administrations that refuse to exercise that authority. RNB Title: The Problem with the Federal Pay System? [more] 10-22-2015

Do You Get Equal Pay for Equal Work?

If you and your co-workers work in the same building or on the same military base, your pay should be based on the same locality rate, right? Turns out, that’s not always the case for many hourly workers at several locations. [more] 10-22-2015

The Union Calling

She was supposed to become a minister, but life circumstances changed her choice of vocation. [more] 10-22-2015

Bill Designed to Make Airports Safer Signed into Law But More Needs to Be Done

Passengers and employees working at airports nationwide should not feel unsafe when stepping into the terminals. [more] 10-22-2015

Organize, Organize, Organize with our Membership & Organization Department!

We all know AFGE is a union on the rise – we’re only inches away from adding our 300,000th member to our ranks. And every year for the last 24 years, we have added more brothers and sisters to our union family. [more] 10-23-2015

My Disability is One Part of Who I Am

In October, we celebrate the 70th Annual Disability Employment Awareness Month and look at how unions play and important role in educating activists of the rights of workers with disabilities. [more] 10-21-2015

This Gulf War Veteran Has a Message for the VA

While VA hospitals across the country remain understaffed to serve our veterans, Congress focuses on revoking union rights for VA staff [more] 11-3-2015

Meet Germaine Clarno, the Real Face of VA Accountability

Germaine Clarno blew the whistle on waitlist gaming at her VA hospital. Now she's blowing the whistle on Congressional attacks on employees' rights. [more] 10-20-2015

Exposing Mismanagement from Pittsburgh to Capitol Hill

Whistleblower Kathi Dahl spoke out on behalf of veterans. Why do these lawmakers want to silence her? [more] 10-20-2015

What is Sequestration?

Congress has a lot to do to avoid a financial calamity. Even if the government stays open after December 11, life for many Americans will get even worse if sequestration isn't repealed. Read the breakdown. [more] 10-19-2015

Close the Hedge Fund Manager Tax Loophole to Protect Feds from Sequestration

With a possible government shutdown in a little over 50 days, AFGE is joining a coalition of 52 good government organizations in urging senators to close an outrageous tax loophole. Why it matters: [more] 10-16-2015

D.C. Rushes to Hand over Critical Emergency Services to for-Profit Businesses

3 things D.C. should do instead of handing over control of critical services to for-profit companies [more] 10-15-2015

No Cost of Living Increase for Retirees Next Year

More than 2.5 million federal retirees depend on annual cost-of-living adjustments to help their modest pensions keep pace with inflation, but next year they won't get it. [more] 10-16-2015

This Congressman Is Trying to Stop DOL from Firing At-Risk Youths Who Helped Put out Forest Fires in Utah and Idaho

Congressman Bishop is for standing up for the students who are fighting forest fires and changing lives for the better because of the opportunities given to them through Job Corps. [more] 10-16-2015

Good News for Workers at New Jersey Base, Money-Wise

You and your co-workers are working a similar job at the same military base. So you’d think your pay rates are pretty much the same? Not if you work at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst in New Jersey. [more] 10-16-2015

DoD Caught Red-Handed Apparently Trying to Illegally Outsource Email System

Outsourcing work designated for performance by civilian employees is prohibited by law and the Defense Department’s own implementation policy. Yet the Defense Information Systems Agency is seeking to do just that. [more] 10-16-2015

Who Flies the Pentagon’s Drones?

Not Department of Defense employees, as it turns out. Read the full story: [more] 10-16-2015

AFGE 2 – Grain Industry 0

The grain industry has failed in its attempt to get Congress to privatize grain inspection thanks to AFGE activists who reminded lawmakers of failed past policies. [more] 10-15-2015

Learn More About AFGE's #1 Resource for Financial Officers

Keeping up with the DOL and IRS? Our new video about the financial services officer training programs can help. [more] 10-16-2015

Unions Make a Big Difference for Latinos

While overall, 40% of Latino workers earn poverty level wages, Latinos earn more and have more protections when they belong to a union. Get the facts from a new report. [more] 10-14-2015

Workforce Morale in the Cellar as Congress Continues to Target Feds

No matter which way you look at the numbers, this year's Employee Viewpoint Survey engagement results remain abysmally low. That's no surprise as Congress continues to hammer away at government employees' pay and benefits with the threat of a shutdown growing larger every day. [more] 10-8-2015

Are Sequestration Furloughs Making a Comeback?

With their caps in hand, AFGE members rallied on Capitol Hill with lawmakers and coalition partners to demand that Congress end the harmful sequestration cuts and start investing in our country. [more] 10-7-2015

Bogus Report Claims Federal Employees Make 78% More than Private Sector

The Koch Brothers-funded Cato Institute claims federal employees make thousands of dollars more than private sector workers. Here are the facts. [more] 10-6-2015

NST Hudson Honored with "Spirit of Democracy" Award

National Secretary Treasurer Eugene Hudson Jr. was honored by the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation for his leadership work in labor and social justice. [more] 10-7-2015

The Women's and Fair Practices Departments Work For You

When opportunity is equal, everyone wins. That’s why AFGE is devoted to promoting diversity, inclusion and fair treatment for all government employees through its Women’s and Fair Practices Department. [more] 10-9-2015

AFGE Mourns Loss of Brothers & Sisters Aboard El Faro

South Carolina has seen 1,000 year-level flooding occur across the state, displacing communities and resulting in the death of 17 people. [more] 10-9-2015

AFGE Stands with Victims of South Carolina Flood

South Carolina has seen 1,000 year-level flooding occur across the state, displacing communities and resulting in the death of 17 people. [more] 10-9-2015

What You Need to Know During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Who's at risk of developing breast cancer? When is the best time to seek treatment? AFGE breaks down some of the most common questions about breast cancer. [more] 10-9-2015

AFGE's Own Christopher Lee Castle Attends Workers Voice Summit at White House

Christopher Lee Castle has always been dedicated to serving his country, whether it was in the Marine Corps or as a public servant. Now he's speaking out for workers at the White House. [more] 10-8-2015

They Fight. She Takes Flight.

Kathleen Gibson honors our veterans each by as a nurse at her local VA clinic. What she does for her patients off the clock is even more inspiring. [more] 10-7-2015

10 More Weeks: Shutdown Clock Restarts as Congress Punts

Federal employees face 10 more weeks of needless worry and uncertainty thanks to a vote by Congress to keep the government running only until Dec. 11. [more] 10-1-2015

13 Things You Need to Know about Final Deal on 2016 Defense Authorization Act

Members of the House and Senate have finished the final version of the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act, and their final deal has more bad news than good news for federal employees, warfighters, and taxpayers. [more] 10-1-2015

We’re Just 241 Members Shy of 300,000 – Will You Be the One to Recruit AFGE’s 300,000th Member?

AFGE closed the month of September with an increase of 853 employees. We’re now at 299,759 members, a new record high and only 241 members shy of our immediate goal of 300,000. [more] 10-1-2015

How did one local organize hundreds of members without inviting a single non-member to their event?

For Muriel Newman, a beauty pageant contestant-turned-local president, union work was love at first sight. She was an AFGE member and a clinical chemist in the laboratory at Malcom Randall Medical Center in Gainesville, Florida, when the former president of her local asked her to help with another member’s case filed with the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB). [more] 10-1-2015

What You Need to Know about OPM’s Unacceptable Insurance Increase

Starting in January, federal employees who participate in the Federal Employees Health Benefit Program will be hit hard with increased premiums. According to the Office of Personnel Management, here’s what the increases will look like. [more] 10-1-2015

TSA Officers, Pope Francis, and the Biggest Security Event in U.S. History

TSA Officers ensure that travelers reach their destinations safely every day. Last week, they were tasked with assisting one very special traveler: Pope Francis. [more] 10-1-2015

The Federal Workforce as a symbol of Distaste in Government?

That's the question President Cox posed in a letter to the Department of Defense's Chief Financial Officer after a former comptroller's divisive comments came to light. [more] 10-1-2015

DoD to Outsource Certain Space Operations?

Because of the confidential and sensitive nature of the work, the Defense Department has been using military personnel to perform satellite launches, routine military communication links, and space-based surveillance operations. [more] 10-1-2015

These Lawmakers Want to Protect Feds If Congress Shuts down Government

Federal employees are not guaranteed pay if they’re locked out of their jobs during a shutdown. These lawmakers are trying to do something about it. [more] 10-1-2015

Wounded Warriors Are Now One Step Closer to Accessing the Treatment They Need

Reps. Don Beyer and Rob Wittman of Virginia has introduced a bill that would ensure that all federal employees receive retroactive pay for the duration of any shutdown, regardless of furlough status. [more] 10-1-2015

AFGE Wins 5 Union Elections!

We’re proud to welcome new AFGE members in San Diego, Dallas, Phoenix, and Fort Meade! [more] 10-1-2015

Why Boehner’s Resignation Is an Embarrassment for Everyone

House Speaker John Boehner is stepping down. You probably know that. You also may know John Boehner has never been a friend of federal employees. [more] 10-1-2015

Shutdown Delayed: 10 More Weeks

Congress has funded the government for now, but the real funding battle lays ahead. [more] 9-30-2015

Obama Joins in Celebration of Federal Nurses Week

Read the White House proclamation honoring Federal Nurses Week. [more] 9-28-2015

Raising the Bar Behind Bars

Every day, correctional workers walk into their workplace and put their life on the line to protect their community. Here's what AFGE is doing to keep them safe. [more] 9-25-2015

As Chinese President Pays Visit to U.S., OPM Reveals New Number of Fingerprints Stolen

As Chinese President pays a visit to the U.S., OPM reveals a new number of fingerprints stolen. [more] 9-25-2015

Hispanic Heritage Month by Numbers

5 facts behind the Hispanic Americans who have shaped American politics [more] 9-25-2015

Have You Thanked a Nurse Today? It's Federal Nurses Week

Anyone who has been in a hospital knows that nursing professionals are often the first people you see when you enter and the last you speak to before you leave. [more] 9-25-2015

This Is What Happened When Congress Shut down CDC in 2013

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is known for its work in helping prevent diseases and protect people from food borne illnesses. [more] 9-25-2015

15 Ways a Government Shutdown Pretty Much Hurts Everyone

Funding for most federal agencies will run out at midnight on Wednesday, Sept. 30, unless Congress funds the government. [more] 9-25-2015

2015 Shutdown Explained

It’s absurd, we know. The last shutdown wreaked havoc on many fronts, but many elected officials, driven by their ideological agenda – this time over funding for Planned Parenthood, are shooting for a sequel [more] 9-25-2015

These Congressmen Want to Give You Back Pay in the Event of a Shutdown

Two elected officials from Virginia are sending a dear colleague letter to their coworkers asking them to co-sponsor a bill that would make sure federal employees get paid immediately after the government re-opens in the event of a shutdown. [more] 9-25-2015

The National Security Personnel System (NSPS) Explained

What is the NSPS? How did the Department of Defense implement it? Why is it important now? Read our NSPS explainer to find out. [more] 9-25-2015

AFGE Celebrates Federal Nurses Week

During the week of Sept. 22 - 28, we honor federal workers in the nursing profession who bring world-class care to patients across the country. [more] 9-22-2015

Pentagon Resurrects Tried-and-Failed NSPS

The Defense Department has proposed to move employees out of Title 5 and create an NSPS for them. [more] 9-17-2015

6 Weeks of Paid Parental Leave for Feds?

Nobody should have to choose between their child and a paycheck. [more] 9-17-2015

This Bill Would Right the Wrong at TSA

Providing benefits to families of TSA employees killed in the line of duty is the right thing to do. [more] 9-17-2015

AFGE Welcomes Journey for Justice Marchers to Washington

50 years after the Voting Rights Act became law, systematic voter suppression in the form of new voting laws has resulted in millions not being able to cast their ballots. These marchers are trying to do something about it. [more] 9-17-2015

A New Master Agreement Comes with a New Era of Collaboration at U.S. Marshals Service

After 20 years, a new collective bargaining agreement has been signed to pave the way for a new era of collaboration at the U.S. Marshals Service. [more] 9-17-2015

5 Reasons Why S. 1856 is the Right Fix for VA

There’s a right way to fix the VA and there’s a wrong way to fix the VA. This bill is the right way to do it. [more] 9-17-2015

AFGE Welcomes Two-Newly Organized Units to the Union Family

Doctors and dentists at the Phoenix VA hospital voted AFGE. [more] 9-17-2015

Is This Man the Future of the Labor Movement?

Local 1456 activist Francis Nichols awarded first-ever Y.O.U.N.G. Emerging Leader Award for advocating for young & LGBT members [more] 9-17-2015

Right to Work for Less Law Failed in Missouri

Missouri elected officials passed a bad law. The governor vetoed it. They tried to override his veto. Then this happened. [more] 9-17-2015

The Government Standard Sept / Oct Edition

Read the September / October Issue of the Government Standard to learn about important news that impacts you. [more] 9-14-2015

Will You Get Paid if the Government Shuts Down in Two Weeks?

The 2013 government shutdown cost the economy $24 billion, and it could happen again at the end of this month. [more] 9-10-2015

Tapping into G Fund Is Immoral

For some in the military, the Federal Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) is the only retirement savings fund that they have. But if Congress gets their way and raids the G Fund of TSP, our military and other federal employees and retirees will receive less money when they retire. [more] 9-10-2015

What Have We Learned from 9/11?

Fourteen years after the worst terrorist attack on American soil, the men and women of the Department of Homeland Security have secured our borders, kept dangerous people and luggage off of our planes, and helped thousands recover from attacks and disasters. [more] 9-10-2015

To Counter Surge in Violence, Border Patrol Needs More Agents, Better Training

In order to counter the surge of violence along the Southern Border, AFGE National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd says that we need more Border Patrol agents, fewer managers, and better training. [more] 9-10-2015

AFGE Local President Wins El Paso Labor Advocate Award

Paul Ferris’s dedication to his patients at Ft. Bliss and his commitment to AFGE Local 2516 in El Paso, TX, earned him the 2015 Labor Advocate Award by the El Paso Central Labor Union. [more] 9-10-2015

AFGE Pushes Agencies to Inventory Service Contracts

Agencies have until February 15, 2016 to submit their inventories of service contracts to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), according to a new OMB data call. [more] 9-10-2015

Management Suspended This BDO for Doing What They Told Her to Do. AFGE Helped Reverse Suspension.

An arbitrator recently reversed a three-day suspension against a Behavior Detection Officer from Detroit Metropolitan Airport, thanks to outstanding representation by the AFGE General Counsel’s Office. [more] 9-10-2015

Let AFGE’s Office of the General Counsel Help Your Local in Court

From arbitrations to complex appellate court cases, the AFGE Office of the General Counsel is here to help you and your local free of charge. [more] 9-10-2015

4 Steps To Counter Border Violence

The head of the union representing Border Patrol agents says the agency needs more agents, fewer managers, and better training to counter a surge in violence along the Southern border. [more] 9-10-2015

DoD Is Cutting Cheapest Workforce in Haste to “Cut Costs”

DoD's plan singles out the cost-effective civilian workforce while ignoring the vast bureaucracy of expensive contractor personnel. [more] 9-9-2015

AFGE: 1.3% Pay Raise for Feds Doesn’t Cut It

The costs for groceries, health insurance, and other necessities have all gone up. That’s why the workers who keep America running need a real pay raise, not the paltry 1.3% increase proposed by the administration for 2016. [more] 9-4-2015

AFGE President Joins March to End Voter Suppression in North Carolina

AFGE President J. David Cox Sr. on Wednesday joined Rev. William Barber, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), and hundreds of activists in a rally at the North Carolina General Assembly to end voter suppression. [more] 9-4-2015

Hostile Work Environment at Iron Mountain VA Affects Quality of Care for Veterans

AFGE Veterans Affairs Local 2280 President Benjamin Balkum has spoken out against poor practices at the Iron Mountain VA hospital that hurt quality of care for veterans. [more] 9-4-2015

Data Breach Victims to Receive 3 Years Coverage

All 21.5 million federal employees and family members whose personal data was stolen during the data breach involving OPM’s background investigation records will be eligible to receive three years of identity theft and identity restoration services under a contract with Identity Theft Guard Solutions. [more] 9-4-2015

AFGE Is One Step Closer to 300,000 Members!

The August numbers are in. We now stand at 298,906 members, an increase of 1,042 from July. [more] 9-4-2015

DoD’s Contractor Workforce Is Either As Big or Bigger Than Its Civilian Workforce

The Department of Defense had at least 641,428 contractor employees working on various projects in 2014, according to a new service contractor inventory released this week. [more] 9-4-2015

Celebrate Labor Day with an Act of Solidarity

It’s been 133 years since the first Labor Day holiday was celebrated in New York City in 1882. The celebration of a workers’ holiday, with help from the labor movement, later spread to other states and eventually became a national, legal holiday. [more] 9-4-2015

AFGE Members Picket Dangerous Understaffing at FCC Hazelton Prison

Correctional workers stood united alongside Interstate 68 near Bruceton Mills, WV to raise awareness and demand action on this critical safety issue. FCC Hazelton is currently understaffed beyond what the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) considers to be safe, forcing dozens of correctional officers there to work overtime. [more] 9-4-2015

VA Employees in California, West Virginia Voted to Join AFGE

Veterans Affairs employees at the VA Employee Education System, Long Beach, CA and two Vet Centers in Beckley and Princeton, WV voted this week to be represented by AFGE. [more] 9-4-2015

Sen. Durbin Questions Rock Island Arsenal Commander over Filling Civilian Positions with Reservists

Sen. Richard Durbin of Illinois is not very happy with Rock Island Arsenal’s practice of filling civilian positions with military reservists. That practice, known as the Personnel Force Innovation (PFI) program, should only be used in certain circumstances. [more] 9-4-2015

Senator Chastises DoD for Lack of Enthusiasm to Use Good Data

Sen. Richard Durbin of Illinois recently sent a letter to Secretary of Defense Ash Carter criticizing the way the department is managing its workforces, especially its tendency to use contractors to do the work even though they are two to three times more expensive than DoD civilians. [more] 9-4-2015

Feds in D.C. Area Urged to Telework during Pope Francis’s Visit

To help lessen traffic congestion and minimize the distraction to law enforcement and security officials during Pope Francis’s upcoming visit to the Washington, D.C. area on Sept. 22-24, the Office of Personnel Management is strongly urging agencies to allow federal workers in the area to telework to keep the government operating and minimize work disruptions. [more] 9-4-2015

AFGE’s Education Program Trains Next Generation of Union Leaders

AFGE’s Field Services and Education Department plays a major role in helping locals and councils draft their collective bargaining agreements and train the next generation of union leaders. [more] 9-4-2015

And the Winner is...

At the 2015 Convention, AFGE honored the individuals and locals with PAC and LAF Awards for their hard work and dedication. See the winners: [more] 9-1-2015



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