AFGE-TSA Contract


Early in 2016, TSA workers forced the agency's management to go back to the negotiating table. After months of hard work, TSA officers have voted overwhelmingly to accept the improved contract. 

Though the new contract has been ratified, there are several articles that have not been agreed upon, including rules for the pay-for-performance system, awards, grievances, arbitrations, and investigations. A panel of independent arbitrators will decide the outcome of the outstanding articles.

AFGE will continue to educate TSA officers about their rights, advocate for them within the agency, and fight to make sure their concerns are heard on Capitol Hill.   

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What is ratification?

Now that contract negotiations have concluded every TSO, LTSO, BDO, and STI will have an opportunity to vote on accepting or rejecting the contract, in a process called contract ratification. If the workforce votes in favor of the contract, then it will go into effect. If the workforce votes against the contract, then TSA and AFGE Council 100 will go back to the negotiation table for an additional 45 days of negotiations.

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