AFGE-TSA Contract


In December 2016, TSA Officers voted to ratify the AFGE-TSA collective bargaining agreement. At that time, several articles had not been agreed to at the table including rules for the pay-for performance system, awards, grievances arbitrations, and investigations. After ratification, TSA and AFGE met with a goal of resolving as many open provisions as possible. After much discussion, the parties were able to settle some provisions in Articles 4, 9 and 11. The remaining disputed language will be submitted to arbitration for resolution.

AFGE will continue to educate TSA officers about their rights, advocate for them within the agency, and fight to make sure their concerns are heard on Capitol Hill. 

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Your AFGE Contract Establishes Standards & Protects Your Rights

  • Ensures performance-rating payouts are based on a consistent assessment system.
  • Guarantees we have safety standards and equipment that help protect you from risks like chemical exposure and extreme temperatures.
  • Successfully expanded the parking subsidy program at participating airports
  • Nearly doubled your TSA uniform allowance from $232.00 to $446.00 a year.
  • Granted officers permission to wear jackets at the checkpoint and shorts in hot weather
  • Stops TSA from denying leave without an appropriate reason or as a form of discipline.
  • Allows TSA supervisors to excuse tardiness for up to 30 minutes.
  • Creates rules for shift bids and a shift trade policy that all airports must follow.
  • Learn more about what's in your Union contract

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