AFGE TSA Members Notch Big Win on Pay

What if you received the same performance rating as your peers, but did not receive the same amount in a performance reward or pay increase? If you think that's confusing, unfair, and would hurt morale, you're not alone. Unfortunately, that has been TSA's standard operating procedure for years.      

And for years, AFGE and our TSA Council 100 raised concerns about the inconsistent payouts. Thanks to our efforts, TSA listened and changed its methodology for pay increases and performance awards for the 2016 performance cycle.     

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Acknowledging concerns expressed by AFGE and its bargaining unit, TSA last week sent an email announcement to employees, informing them that agency has changed the payout methodology in an attempt to fix the inconsistency.   

“The change in payout methodology is a step in the right direction,” said AFGE President J. David Cox Sr. “We’re happy that TSA listened to our concerns and made changes accordingly.”   

Here's How It Affects Your Wallet:   

There are four performance ratings: Achieved Excellence, Exceeded Expectations, Achieved Expectations, and Unsatisfactory.   

Under the new methodology:  

  • Officers with the same final rating will receive the same pay increase and/or performance award amounts.  
  • Officers who earn a final rating of Achieved Excellence or Exceeded Expectations will receive a pay increase and a performance award.  
  • Officers who earn a final rating of Achieved Expectations will receive a performance award.   

TSA said the amounts of the pay increases and awards will be announced later.   

This Is Proof We're Stronger Together   

The change is a result of TSA officers coming together as one and taking our concerns to leadership. Last year, officers were angry that TSA unilaterally changed the way it rated employees and issued payouts. Instead of the four levels announced at the start of the performance year, the agency created seven levels of evaluation with different amounts of raises and bonuses.   

The last minute change made it impossible for  employees to learn how to achieve a given performance level – high, low or in between.  

"AFGE made our concerns known and demanded that TSA work collaboratively with employees to develop the performance evaluation system in a way that complies with the labor-management agreement and TSA’s own Pistole Determination, which sets forth a framework for a relationship between TSA and the employees' union," said AFGE Council 100 President Hydrick Thomas.  

There's Still More Work to Be Done at TSA  

AFGE applauds TSA for making the change, which will help improve morale in the aftermath of severe understaffing and high turnover. Because of low pay – many officers earn less than $15 an hour – excessive hours, and little rights on the job, TSA has lost 6,000 officers since 2011.  

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