Air security: Whistleblowers are patriots

In the The Clarion-Ledger's three-part series "9-11: 5 Years Later" in September were reports by former and current airport personnel that their boss, Director Larry Rowlett, routinely warned screeners of secret inspections to test security, down to descriptions of the agents and the items they would try to sneak through.

TSA investigators came to Jackson last month. But Thompson said he has learned that only selected employees were interviewed - in rooms adjoining the offices of Rowlett and other top managers.

Hawley had already refused to order Rowlett suspended pending an investigation, leading to the question: Is TSA really concerned about air safety or in protecting its own?

The allegations about security breaches and lax attitudes at the airport are serious, including reports of passengers carrying guns aboard aircraft without following procedure.

Those who voice concern are patriots looking out for the air-traveling public. Isn't that what TSA is supposed to do?

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