Airport security 'expert lane' idea flawed

With the new security check-in "lanes" being introduced in New York after being tried in 21 airports around the United States, some air travelers say they're a good idea but flawed in execution because most people believe they know more about security requirements than they really do, thus slowing down an effort to speed up security lines, The New York Times reported Tuesday.

Under the system, travelers are asked to "self-sort" into three lanes: One for frequent travelers who are aware of what can and cannot be brought onto a plane, one for causal travelers and a third for people who know they'll need help getting through security. The system is already in place in Salt Lake City and Boston, the Times says.

It found some air passengers who say the system doesn't speed things as much as it should because too many travelers put themselves in the "expert lane" when they shouldn't be there.

U.S. Transportation Security Agency officials, however, say they have anecdotal evidence showing the expert lane idea is working, the Times said.

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