Airport tests special security for flight crews

By Karamagi Rujumba, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
The Transportation Security Administration today launched a 60-day program to evaluate expedited screening for pilots and cockpit officers at Pittsburgh International Airport.

The program, crewPASS, allows pilots, co-pilots, and first officers to go through a much faster screening process instead of going through the usual passenger security checkpoint.

Flight deck crew members enter a secure area after presenting their airline-issued identification and another form of ID.

Security officers check their credentials through a real-time flight deck crew database that includes a picture and other information to verify the crew's identity.

"We are very interested in developing ways to increase security through enhanced identity verification," said John Sammon, assistant TSA administrator.

The program, which also is being evaluated at Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshal Airport and Columbia Metropollitan Airport in South Carolina, is a mandate of the 911 Bill and is limited to domestic airline crew officers.

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