Benefits of fence outweigh the costs

As T.J. Bonner, president of the National Border Patrol Council says, “Building fences along high traffic areas of the U.S. border with Mexico dramatically reduces crime. Drug smuggling was rampant just south of San Diego, anarchy reigned, and there was no semblance of control over that section of the border” before serious fencing was built there. Only then did the crime rate in San Diego fall dramatically.

Why then are Rio Grande Valley elected officials cowering from their responsibilities of protecting local people from crime? It is because they would rather pander to public opinion polls than become true leaders.

It is also a shame that our local Catholic Church is again rallying support against doing the right thing by issuing a bulletin to attend a rally against the border wall.

G. Kevin Aziz

Does mayor want illegal immigrants?


Mayor Ahumada says the city opposes the federal fence to keep illegal aliens out. Are we to assume that he (or the entire city) wants undereducated, untrained people about whom we know nothing to enter the United States illegally?

Many illegal aliens are criminals, unhealthy, drug smugglers and human smugglers.

Surely the mayor is aware of the huge national grassroots outcry in opposition to the ill-advised amnesty proposals in the U.S. Congress in June. Lawmakers realized that those who accommodate scofflaws, like Ahumada and Brownsville, are extremely unpopular to the majority. This fact is decidedly absent from his assertions.

He doesn’t want to comply with federal law regarding the fence (“We don’t want this wall”). Would he like it better if the fence were moved to the northern boundaries of Brownsville?

U.S. citizens deserve the nation we have worked to maintain: one with its own culture, its own language and its own sovereignty. Foreigners are welcome if they are law-abiding and truly want to become American citizens.

Linda Rodino
Via the Internet

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