Bill To End CCAD Furloughs Passes House

Joe Gonzalez, president of the American Federation of Government Employees union which represents Corpus Christi Army Depot employees, was ecstatic upon hearing the news. "He [Rep. Blake Farenthold] continues to show us support and the caring that it takes for a congressman to support his constituency here in South Texas."

Gonzalez' tone is different than it was four months ago when he stood outside Farenthold's Corpus Christi offices protesting what he and his union claimed were unfair furloughs.

In a phone interview after the bill passed, Rep. Farenthold said Corpus Christi Army Depot employees are crucial because they save the government money, especially when it comes to fixing choppers. "The CCAD employees really do carry their own weight," he said. "The money that they save the government repairing the helicopters for less than the original equipment manufacturer is a huge benefit to the government."

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