Boise Airport shakes up security line system

New system should speed passengers along BOISE - The Boise Airport is trying to make the security screen process more efficient – with a new system for travelers.

The airport calls the new plan the “check point evolution.”

Instead of one line for every type of traveler – three lines have been established – one for families and those with special needs – another for the casual traveler – and a third for the expert traveler.

The Transportation Security Administration says the new system has helped move business travelers through lines by as much as 35 percent faster in airports like Portland, Seattle and Denver.

After just two days in Boise, the airport says it's becoming a hit for business and family travelers alike.

"We are moving expert passengers through at a much faster pace,” Idaho Federal Security Director Andrew Cosse said. “Flight crews are happy with it, and folks that are going through the casual lanes are happy as well because they don't feel as rushed have more time to divest and get through the process.”

The program started in Salt Lake City – then expanded to airports like Portland, Seattle and Denver before coming to Boise.

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