Border Patrol Union Disputes Bush's Claim That America is Safer

2001. T.J. Bonner, the President of the National Border Patrol Council of the American Federation of Government Employees today issued the following statement:

"President Bush's latest pronouncement that America is safer appears to have more to do with winning votes than winning the war on terror. He doesn't seem to understand that the security of our Nation is directly proportional to
the security of its borders, which are a porous sieve. Anyone, including terrorists, can easily walk across our borders without being detected or apprehended. While the President boasts about "adding new resources to patrol
our borders," he neglects to mention that those resources do not include additional Border Patrol agents. In fact, the legislation adopts the President's proposed cuts of $18.4 million from the Border Patrol's budget and the reallocation of another $75.2 million for technology, in effect slashing 5% of the Border Patrol's total budget. Although technology can be beneficial, a camera or drone is incapable of catching a single terrorist or other person crossing our borders illegally. At this critical juncture in the war on terror, we need to be dramatically increasing the number of Border Patrol agents, not experimenting with unproven technology to replace them."

CONTACT: T.J. Bonner of the American Federation of Government Employees,
+1-619-478-5145, or +1-888-583-7237

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