Budget cuts hit home

In fact, they've left town for a long weekend.

Frank Rock and Phyllis Simonton work for Defense Finance and Accounting Services located in Lawrence. Both told 24-Hour News 8 the cuts will sting.

“If they go to the 22 days of furlough, 176 hours, I would lose one month salary,” Rock said.

Salaries for DFAS employees range between $20,416 to $148,530.

About 3,215 work at the finance center in Lawrence. Among that group, 15 percent take home $35,066 annually.

Twenty-seven percent earn $69,122.

All employees are facing a 27 percent pay cut.

“It goes into survival mode. You pay what you have to pay to survive,” Simonton said. “It can make a difference on whether you can make your house payment.

“I have been with the federal government over 20 years and I have learned how to roll with the punches,” Rock said. “This punch is one of the hardest our own government has ever taken on federal employees.”

Furlough days for defense workers will start April 25.

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