Can rank and file ICE officers save the country from Obama’s lawlessness?

The National ICE Council, the union which represents more than 7,000 Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers is not allowing its members to take part in training ordered by the Obama administration which would facilitate a large reduction in the deportation of illegal aliens.

The training in question was ordered to implement the agency’s new policy known as “prosecutorial discretion,” which was announced by ICE director John Morton in a June 17 memo. That now, infamous document informed officials that they no longer have to deport illegal aliens if they are enrolled in any type of education program, if their family members have volunteered for U.S. military service, if they have filed a civil rights lawsuit or even if they are pregnant or nursing.

Union president Chris Crane has been highly critical of Obama’s drastic change in policy and testified before Congress that it amounts to ignoring the law for votes.

In October, Crane told a House Judiciary subcommittee: “Law enforcement and public safety have taken a back seat to attempts to satisfy immigrant advocacy groups.”

Crane also said that the Morton memo gave agents “a roller coaster of arrest authority that has changed from month to month, week to week and at times from day to day.”

Department of Homeland Security officials claim that the training course seminar is simply designed to target dangerous convicted criminals while it will suspend the deportations of tens of thousands of illegal aliens and effectively amount to amnesty by executive order.

The New York Times recently gave samples of what is being taught given in the ICE training.

What follows are two of those examples:

“A young illegal immigrant turned over to the agency after being arrested by a state trooper for driving without a license. She has been living in this country since 1993 and has an infant son, an American citizen because he was born here. But she lied to ICE officers, failing to tell them she had a conviction for shoplifting in 1995.

Answer: She is not a threatening criminal and may still be nursing her American baby. Officers should close her deportation case.

How about the migrant who has been living here since he crossed the Southwest border illegally in 1996? He failed to appear for a crucial immigration court hearing back then. But he has no criminal record, and he coaches soccer at the school where his twin daughters, both citizens, are enrolled.

Answer: This case, too, should be closed. “

This is not the first time the union has stood up for the rule of law in defense of the American people.

Shortly after the Morton memo was issued, Crane told PRNewswire: “Any American concerned about immigration needs to brace themselves for what's coming. This is just one of many new ICE policies in queue aimed at stopping the enforcement of U.S. immigration laws in the United States. Unable to pass its immigration agenda through legislation, the Administration is now implementing it through agency policy.”

Crane continued: “ICE and the Administration have excluded our union and our agents from the entire process of developing policies, it was all kept secret from us, we found out from the newspapers. ICE worked hand-in-hand with immigrants rights groups, but excluded its own officers.”

Of course, that warning was completely ignored by the mainstream media.

Also ignored by the press, was the 2010 no-confidence vote ICE agents gave Obama appointee, ICE director John Morton.

Perhaps, most troubling are the “secret” orders under which ICE agents are reportedly now operating.

“Our officers are already under orders not to make arrests or even talk to foreign nationals in most cases unless another agency has already arrested them; you won't find that written in any public ICE policy,” Crane said.

Finally, this warning from the ICE Union president: “I think the writing is on the wall for every person concerned about good government and effective immigration reforms - the things happening at ICE represent neither. We are asking everyone to please email or call your Congressman and Senators immediately and ask them to help stop what's happening at ICE, we desperately need your help.”

It would appear that we still have dedicated and loyal agents…loyal, that is, to the American people, and not to our apparently lawless president.

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