Chaffetz meets The Man

You can read about it on Politico, , The Hill, The Raw Story and even Government Executive.

Unfortunately for Jason, the feedback, so far, has been a drab-gray wash. Is the conservative congressman a Hero of the People for standing up to the draconian Transportation Security Administration? Or a jerk for demanding VIP treatment (from a returned Iraq veteran, no less)?

The Deseret News' Lee Benson sympathizes with Chaffetz, but the best he can do is to argue that anyone going through airport security has a reason to lose it.

Having met Chaffetz a couple of times, I doubt he was demanding special treatment or behaving like an A-hole for no reason. That's just not the Jason style. Besides, he's demanding he says he's demanding TSA release the video of the incident, which argues that he comes off fairly reasonable in the exchange.

Still, that video, if released, is going to be a hit on YouTube. Utah's law-and-order tough guy who called for a crackdown on illegal immigrants that would include herding them into tent camps objects to being inconvenienced by the TSA's contribution to the War on Terror?

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