Councilman wants to replace TSA in Colorado Springs

investigate options for using non-Transportation
Security Administration security screeners at the
Colorado Springs Airport (COS).

City Councilman for Colorado Sean Page plans to
ask COS Director Mark Earle on Monday to report
back on options of using non-TSA screens at the

"Airports have the options of using non-TSA
personnel to perform these functions," Paige said in
a news release. "Given the growing public
frustration with federal screeners, I think Colorado
Springs ought to seriously study the pros and cons
of replacing TSA at our airport. I'm not supportive of
any change that would in any way jeopardize
passenger safety, obviously. But if we can get the
same or better security with more people-friendly
service, and less TSA attitude, I think we should
consider replacing TSA. Other airports have done it,
or are thinking of doing it, and I believe we should

Paige plans on asking Earle to study different
aspects of private screeners, such as how private
screening companies have worked at other airports
and how much they cost, how many airports across
the country have chosen to opt out of TSA screeners
and whether or not COS can say "no" to full body

"Passenger safety must be the top priority, but we in
Colorado Springs should also insist that everyone
who travels through our airport is treated with
respect, dignity and humanity. Americans are tired o
f being treated like criminals and cattle every time
they travel by air, and if we have to use non-TSA
screeners to put a stop to that, I think we should,"
Paige said. "The TSA needs to know that we have
other options and we'll exercise those options if it
insists on mistreating and strong-arming travelers."

Paige has also expressed concern over the quality
of service if TSA screeners unionize, which he says
they are currently pushing to do. He says he is
hoping to get enough support from his Springs
City Council colleagues that he can ask for a report
with answers as soon as possible.

(KUSA-TV © 2010 Multimedia Holdings Corporation)

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