Dawn Martinez Four Children, No Paid Parental

Providing for four kids and no paid parental leave is hard. Read Dawn Martinez's story:

My name is Dawn Martinez and paid parental leave would change a lot for me and my family.

My husband and I have four kids now. He stays home with the munchkins because day care is too expensive for us to afford, so when I'm off on unpaid maternity leave, it will be hard to make ends meet. We do our best to stretch every dollar and sometimes have to get creative, like using cloth diapers because disposable ones are too expensive. Earning enough money to support our family is tough with one income.

The passage of the Federal Employee Paid Leave Act would make it a lot easier for us and families like ours.

In our household, being off work with no pay for 8 weeks is hard, but there is really no way to save up that much leave - especially after our last high-risk pregnancy, when I was out of work at the airport for 12 weeks. Like many other families, we have house payments, cars and other expenses - and money is tight. 

Having paid parental leave would give my husband and I peace of mind. We wouldn’t have to wonder if we could afford groceries and have time to spend raising our kids. Together, we can make sure growing families get the time they need without missing a paycheck.

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