Doctor denies guilt in VA conflict case

According to an affidavit filed with the court, Weeks began working for the Department of Veterans Affairs in 1992 and as a practicing physician received a faculty appointment at Dartmouth College, which counts the VA Medical Center as one of its two principal teaching hospitals.

In the mid to late 1990s, Weeks transitioned from the role of practicing physician to administrator and held a total of four administrative positions at the VA Medical Center, records state.

In 2003, the charges allege, Weeks entered into five contracts between VA Medical Center and Dartmouth College. For these five contracts, totaling $1.6 million, Weeks acted as both Dartmouth College's representative overseeing the work, and the VA Medical Center's representative, monitoring the contract workers' performance and paying invoices from Dartmouth College, affidavits state.

Court records state Weeks did not disclose to officials at either Dartmouth College or the VA Medical Center that he was supervising and administering the contracts on both ends.

Affidavits state Weeks was instructed by Dartmouth College officials to deposit any surplus money into a reserve account at the college. Weeks allegedly directed $567,000 in surplus funds to a reserve account in his name at Dartmouth College, records state, but he is not accused of improper use of that money.

Weeks is accused of not administering the contracts as they were awarded, including hiring people at significantly lower salaries than what had been outlined in the proposal to the VA Medical Center, records state. Contracts included studies to improve patient safety and the ethics of rural health care delivery.

An official with the VA Medical Center declined comment and would not say if Weeks is still employed there. Officials with Dartmouth College did not respond to requests seeking comment.

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