Don’t Alter Airport Security Procedure

Once again, security screeners at the nation’s airports are being accused of “profiling” — that is, giving special attention to some people attempting to board planes because of their race, religion or ethnic origin. A group of several organizations, including the American Civil Liberties Union, is asking that Transportation Security Administration policies be changed.

Of particular concern are two TSA policies: One encourages screeners to observe the behavior of those waiting to board airliners. They are trained to look for specific behaviors that may indicate nefarious intent. The second policy, objected to by a Sikh organization, involves checking passengers who are wearing clothing that may conceal weapons. Sikhs often wear turbans, triggering such checks, according to the complaint.

TSA officials should just say no. Both screening procedures are valid, even if they may inconvenience certain classes of passengers. Putting an end to either would be an open invitation to terrorists.

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