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Preservation of Union Rights for AFGE Local 1547
AFGE was successful in winning an arbitration case for AFGE Local 1547 at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona involving the local’s president and treasurer who were required to use their leave to conduct union business.An arbitrator upheld the grievance brought by AFGE attorney Michael Padzer and restored the annual leave for both union officers.

AFGE Member to Return to Work With Full Back Pay
A member of AFGE Local 631 in Washington, DC is scheduled to return to work at the D.C. Department of Energy this week with full back pay and benefits, after she prevailed in her removal case before the District of Columbia Office of Employee Appeals.AFGE Local 631 President Barbara Milton and Vice-President Dia Kahfra represented her in that case.Legal Rights Attorney Leisha Self provided support.The member was removed after she was required to give a statement to the Inspector General but was denied the union representation she requested.The Office of Employee Appeals determined that the Agency did not have sufficient evidence in the case because it didn’t do a follow-up investigation.
White House Special Counsel Resigns “Long Overdue” Says AFGE General Counsel
The often controversial White House Special Counsel Scott Bloch has resigned effective January 5.AFGE General Counsel Mark Roth says the resignation was “long overdue.”“Mr. Bloch destroyed the credibility of the Office of Special Counsel.From day one his appointment from the Faith Based Initiatives Office of the Department of Justice was a gross mistake and his successor will have a major “clean up” job in trying to restore federal employees’ faith in that Office,” Roth said.

Suspension Repealed for AFGE Local 1976 Steward
An arbitrator recently revoked the suspension of a Veterans Affairs employee and steward for Local 1976, thanks to Legal Rights Attorney Matt Milledge.The 14-suspension of the union steward for disrespectful conduct toward a supervisor while in the role of a union rep was reversed.There are more than a dozen arbitrations pending against the union local in at the VA local in Lake City Florida which some feel is under attack by management. “There is a lot of work that can be done for Local 1976, and winning this case is a necessary step,” said National Secretary-Treasurer J. David Cox who has been working closely with the local.


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