Fight over veterans hospital heating up

WBTV has learned Congressman Mel Watt and Senator Elizabeth Dole are scheduling a meeting with Veteran Affairs Secretary James Peak to find out what's behind the sweeping changes at the hospital.

Watt says he's angry that he wasn't told about the changes before they were announced.

Now one of the nation's largest unions, the American Federation of Government Employees, is rallying veterans and VA workers for a fight.

Tomorrow afternoon a union representative from Washington, DC will meet with veterans, local leaders and anyone else who has a dog in this fight.

Meanwhile, county commissioners in Rowan have voted to support the veterans in their opposition to the changes.

Local vets think with that kind of help they may be able to force the VA into retreat on this issue.

They say if that doesn't happen, local healthcare for veterans will suffer.

The VA says it will contract with local hospitals for emergency care and expand its clinics in Charlotte, Hickory and Winston-Salem.

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