FLEOA Calls on the Obama Administration to Fill the TSA Leadership Void

Lewisberry, PA (PRWEB) March 29, 2010 -- Today, the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA) calls for the Obama administration to expeditiously appoint Federal Air Marshal Director Robert Bray to the position of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Director.

The sudden withdrawal of TSA Administrator Nominee Erroll Southers and TSA Administrator Nominee General Robert Harding has left the TSA without legitimate leadership.

For the past five years, FLEOA has repeatedly called for qualified law enforcement leadership within TSA, because of repeated failures under the previous and current TSA Leadership Team. TSA continues to operate today as it has for many years with only one experienced law enforcement person on its leadership team, Robert Bray, the Director of the Federal Air Marshals Service. Currently, Director Bray has very little input into the day to day operations of TSA.

The Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association expects that Congress and the Administration will now remain focused on the TSA leadership void and put into power a leader who has many years of law enforcement and, specifically, aviation security expertise. That leader is Federal Air Marshal Director Robert Bray.

Emphasizing the need for the President to take decisive action with TSA, FLEOA National President Jon Adler stated, "TSA cannot continue to operate on auto-pilot. The leadership void needs to be filled now by an experienced nominee. FAMS Director Bob Bray has the requisite aviation security skill-set that the position of TSA Administrator demands. In the interest of air travel safety, I recommend that Director Bray be installed immediately as the Acting Administrator for TSA. TSA has experienced numerous serious failures over the past few years. Their inflexible allegiance to a failed, prevent-defense operation has left our planes vulnerable. Their skewed priorities have them more focused on uniforms then the operational needs of the FAMS."states Frank Terreri FLEOA Federal Air Marshal Agency President.

"The Transportation Security Administration is an extremely large Federal agency (over 50,000 employees) responsible for the security of our nation’s transportation infrastructure with no law enforcement leadership and a very small law enforcement component that continues to be eroded. Yet somehow, the current TSA leadership is content to minimize the importance FAMS by placing them on the fourth level of the TSA organizational chart. FLEOA maintains that TSA’s continual failures will only increase the American public’s vulnerability unless there are concerted efforts to effect immediate change among the leadership ranks of this agency. The current TSA leadership is ineffective at best, their constant missteps place the American flying public at considerable risk," adds Terreri. "During these sensitive times, it is imperative that we have a leader with a strong law enforcement background and thorough understanding of aviation security. Such a leader would ramp the integrity of aviation security up to the standard which is consistent with the expectations of DHS Secretary Napolitano. A positive first step in reaching this goal is to immediately appoint Federal Air Marshal Service Director Robert Bray as the Acting TSA Director."


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