FLRA Grants Union Request for Appeal in TSO Election Case

In a July 30 posting on the AFGE Web site, the union said the full FLRA board will consider its request to overturn a May 28 decision by a FLRA regional director who rejected the election request. In granting the review, FLRA said that AFGE’s “application demonstrates that review of the RD’s decision is warranted.”

In dismissing the earlier petition, acting FLRA Regional Director Peter Sutton cited a 2003 FLRA decision which held that the agency has no jurisdiction to order an election because TSOs are barred from collective bargaining. In filing for an appeal, the union said it hopes for a different result this time. Significantly, in 2003, FLRA member (and current FLRA chair) Carol Pope dissented from the majority opinion, asserting that there are many things a union representative can do for workers absent collective bargaining, AFGE said.

“We are sure when the FLRA reviews the RD’s decision, and in doing so reviews the 2003 question of jurisdiction, they will find there is jurisdiction and will quickly remand the petition back to the RD for election,” said AFGE Membership and Organization Deputy Director Cathie McQuiston.

To see more, go to: www.afge.org/Index.cfm?Page=PressReleases&PressReleaseID=1195.

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