Is Your Agency Contracting Out Government Jobs?

Categories: Budget, Outsourcing

Federal agencies’ spending on service contracts went up 90% from $136 billion in 2000 to $259 billion in 2012. Even though they are not supposed to contract out inherently governmental jobs, jobs that are closely associated with inherently government functions, or jobs that are critical to the agency’s mission, some agencies do.

That’s why they are required to come up with an annual service contractor inventory and are required to analyze contracts to make sure they’re not improperly outsourcing these jobs or allowing contracts that are more costly and less efficient than work performed by federal employees continue.

If past experience is any guide, we can’t rely on agencies to police themselves because they may not, as seen from this article which discusses how Homeland Security spent $1.8 billion on work critical to the agency’s mission or closely associated with inherently governmental functions.

AFGE has just updated our service contract inventory guide to help our members find problem contracts and outsourced work that should be insourced. 

If you have any questions, contact our contract analyst Tim Shorrock at [email protected].

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