Jason Chaffetz claims harrassment at the airport

"I have 1.4 million miles on Delta and I have never been pulled out to go through the Whole Body Imaging Machine."

That is the machine that looks right through your clothes and Chaffetz introduced a bill in the House of Representatives to limit the use of the machine. Last week he also voted to prevent the TSA from forming a union.

Chaffetz says he now has a target on his back and the incident at Salt Lake Airport proves it.

He refused the full body scan, which is voluntary, so he was instead sent through the regular metal detector. But, if you refuse the scan the rules say you must be physically searched.

Chaffetz claims he did that but that when he asked for the name and ID number of the supervisor it got weird. He says " I am in the United States Congress and as soon as I said that the officer said, oh we know exactly who you are. I thought,ok, this is just good old-fashioned harrassment".

The TSA is investigating and says it will contact Chaffetz directly when the probe is over. Chaffetz says it will be interesting when he flys again. He can't wait to see what happens.

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