By Mark Gruenberg, Press Associates, Inc. Staff Writer

WASHINGTON (PAI)–Labor’s campaign against GOP President George W. Bush’s Defense Department personnel rules–rules that strip 800,000 workers of their union rights, collective bargaining, whistleblower protection, fairness in pay, job protections and more–accelerated in mid-November in Congress and in court.

Labor got a win, at least temporarily, when federal workers’ unions and the Bush Justice Department–acting for DOD–agreed to delay the starting implementation of the new rules until at least Feb. 1. A court hearing on them may occur at about the same time. And unions got sympathetic comments from senators of both parties when they took their complaints to Capitol Hill on Nov. 17.

The defense workers’ fight is important: Bush wants to extend the personnel rules, which deprive workers of virtually all rights, beyond DOD and the Homeland Security Department to all 2 million federal workers. The rest of the government is waiting and watching for their turn” to adopt new personnel rules, Bush Office of Personnel Management Director Linda Springer told senators at the hearing.

And some Bush Right Wing backers then want to extend the

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