Letters: Forget suing Arizona, secure the border

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

When it comes to illegal immigration, most Americans lack confidence that the president will secure our southern border. Reportedly, on June 11 the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council unanimously cast a “vote of no confidence” in Director John Morton and Phyllis Coven, the assistant director of ICE’s Detention Policy and Planning.

A letter authored by ICE Union President Chris Crane talks about the dishonesty and failure of ICE leadership to abide by their oath to uphold the law. It also outlines the importance of local law enforcement referrals to ICE, and the symbiotic relationship between local enforcement and ICE on immigration matters.

Key points are:

n While ICE reports internally that more than 90 percent of ICE detainees are first encountered in jails after they are arrested by local police for criminal charges, ICE senior leadership misrepresents this information publicly in order to portray ICE detainees as being non-criminal in nature.

n The majority of ICE ERO officers are prohibited from making street arrests or enforcing U.S. immigration laws outside of the institutional (jail) setting.

The letter states that the actions of ICE leadership have effectively created “amnesty through policy” for anyone illegally in the United States who has not been arrested by another agency for a criminal violation.

The letter confirms that President Barack Obama is pursuing a policy of “de facto amnesty” for the nearly 20 million illegal immigrants. He has reportedly told Arizona Sen. John Kyl he will not secure the border because then Republicans wouldn’t pass his idea of an immigration bill (better known as amnesty). His refusal to enforce immigration law would appear to leave him open for immediate impeachment proceedings.

Obama should just do his constitutionally required job and secure our border, now! Instead, he chooses to sue Arizona for trying to protect its citizens.

Dan Watson


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