Local Man Tests TSA Security Procedures

SAN DIEGO -- While airport security protests never took off in San Diego or elsewhere around the country, one local man made an attempt to test the system on Wednesday.

As thousands of travelers were trying to get home for Thanksgiving, protester Joe Bourgeois said he was set on slowing travel down, "just to let TSA know that we're watching."

Bourgeois was dressed in a homemade t-shirt that read, "Stop TSA sexual battery" on the front and had an upside down American flag with the words "civil rights under attack" on the back.

Bourgeois purchased a roundtrip ticket to Phoenix and back for $300 just to see if TSA agents would violate him during a pat-down so he could attempt to make a citizen's arrest.

But as 10News cameras rolled, Bourgeois walked right through security without a hitch.

San Diego resident Heather Glanz said she was upset by Bourgeois attempted to do. She said she has no problems with the enhanced security measures and feels the TSA is only trying to protect travelers.

"It bothers me because the whole reason is to keep us safe and it just seems like people like that are going to be the first ones to complain if something does happen," said Glanz.

Before Bourgeois' attempt, he said this of the TSA: "They're guilty of being a sexual predator until they have proved to me that they're not."

In response, TSA agent and TSA union president Cris Soulia said, "We're not monsters. We are not gropers. We're not perverts. All we're doing is our job and we're entitled to do so."

Bourgeois told 10News the only trouble he encountered was on the plane when he was nearly escorted off for the t-shirt he was wearing.

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