Man Breaches Security At Sunport

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Man Breaches Security At Sunport

POSTED: 5:25 pm MDT May 5, 2008
UPDATED: 7:03 pm MDT May 5, 2008

A security break at the Sunport has passengers on high alert.

Saturday, police arrested a man after he broke into a secure area and came within feet of several airplanes.

Airport officials said the suspect didn't have a ticket for a flight, but he walked into the airport and got into a secure area.

Monday, officials said there's nothing that will stop someone else from doing this in the future.

20-year-old Arturo Carillo is facing charges for a security breach at the Albuquerque International Sunport early Saturday morning.

Officials said he went up the escalator and walked right through a door marked "authorized access only" located before the security checkpoint.

"It's not a good thing. Why was he able to get through the doors? Where is TSA?" said passenger Rhoda Cohen.

"If somebody wants to disobey what's on the door, certainly they can," said Albuquerque Sunport spokesman Daniel Jiron. "They could push on it and be outside in a matter of seconds. We can't police every corner every minute of every day."

Documents show Carillo walked through hallways, setting off multiple alarms, and was able to gain access to secure operations of the airport.

Carillo made his way outside to the tarmac, where investigators say he was running toward several airplanes parked at the gates.

"You don't know what he has and what he's going to do and what he has access to. And maybe blowing up," said Cohen.

Authorities arrested Carillo on the tarmac and said he didn't have any weapons and never posed a threat to passengers or equipment.

But this incident isn't enough for officials to take extra security measures.

"We won't be changing any procedures, simply because everything worked exactly as it should have," said Jiron.

Right now Carillo is being charged with breaking and entering, but the FBI and the Transportation Security Administration could bring more serious charges against him.

Investigators said Carillo told them he went onto the tarmac, because he wanted to get a closer look at the airplanes.
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