'Name of the game' Sheppard AFB improvements aim for efficiency

Devereaux said one of those important changes is the removal of the Communications Squadron from the study.
"The Communications Squadron has been pulled out of the A-76 study and the reason is the way we do communications at the base-the communications squadron is changing radically and is going to have a much smaller footprint on base," Devereaux said.

Col. Marcia Rossi, inspector general, 82nd Training Wing, said the study now focuses on four areas, or "bids" on base, including civil engineering, trainer operations, technical training support and the fitness center, making around 426 jobs up for review on base, including 10 officer positions, 183 enlisted positions and 233 civilian positions.

Rossi said the purpose of the A-76 study is to figure out the most efficient and cost effective way to get jobs done on base, either through the government's proposal, referred to as most efficient organization (MEO), or through private contractors' proposals.

"We're concerned with four areas with this study - how can we maintain readiness and resources for the mission, have improved efficiency and cost effectiveness, have sustained readiness and generate savings for tax payers," Rossi said. "Efficiency is the name of the game."

She said all four bids could be "won" by the MEO, all four could be won by the private contractors or there could be any combination of the two.

"Whatever is the most efficient and saves the taxpayers the most money," Rossi said.

Sandra Brooks, civilian personnel specialist at Sheppard, told the audience the earliest possible implementation date for the study's results is April 2008.

During the town hall meeting, Rossi said the A-76 study is not a new notion.

"Every administration since Eisenhower has supported competitive sourcing," Rossi said.

The study has been opposed by members of the America Federation of Government Employees. The union claims the result of the study will be eliminating or downgrading civilian employees on base.

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