New Security Procedures In Place At Port Canaveral

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New Cruise Security
PORT CANAVERAL -- New security procedures at Port Canaveral hope to target terrorists.

The Transportation Security Administration launched their first VIPR mission at the port on Sunday.

VIPR stands for Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response, where federal, state and local agencies work together to patrol the port.

They use K-9 units to scan the baggage. TSA experts look for fraudulent documents, while air marshals scan the crowds for suspicious behavior.

A TSA spokesperson said using these tactics in airports across the country led to 178 arrests in 2008 alone.

The VIPR teams plan deploy at random times, with no notice as to when or where the next team will set up.

"The hope is that terrorists that are watching a transportation network would not know what to expect the next time that they come into this area," said Lee Kair, the federal security director for TSA.

TSA said the increased security shouldn't impact the time it takes to get onto the ship.

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