No pay-for-performance for Department of Homeland Security

The personnel system, formerly known as Max HR, that would have replaced the General Schedule (GS) familiar to most civil servants has already had a difficult path.

Authorized by Congress in 2002 when it created DHS, the system was halted by a series of court rulings in 2006. The department pressed on with the performance management, appeals and adverse actions portion of the system anyway, but decided to put the pay-for-performance portion on hold in 2007.

The new law returns employees to Title 5 regulations that have managed civil servants for decades and eliminates pay-for-performance at DHS, except at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). TSA's personnel system was formed under a different statute.

About 35,000 nonbargaining employees had converted to the new personnel program and DHS had requested $5 million from Congress to continue the system in fiscal 2009.
Federal labor unions praised the repeal of the program.

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