Obama Makes Environmental Promise

First, he says, "The mission of the EPA is to protect the environment of the nation." In the past, this has not happened in many cases and has been painstakingly slow in others.

Second, Obama recognized, "This is due to the failed leadership of the past eight years," and went on to explain, "Inadequate funding for the EPA has resulted in the ineffective allocation of resources."

Obama then committed to pursuing greater funding for the EPA so that its responsibilities are carried out. He said, "Clean water, land and air, and ensuring the health and safety of our citizens, especially children, will be high priorities in an Obama Administration."

Most importantly, Obama recognized that environmental science, research, and education have been damaged by politics and ideology. He states, "I strongly oppose attempts by the Bush Administration to thwart publication of EPA researchers' scientific findings, as well as the attempt to eliminate the agency's library system"

"In an Obama Administration," said Obama, "the principle of scientific integrity will be an absolute, and I will never sanction any attempt to subvert the work of scientists."

Indeed, the Obama Administration is fast coming upon us. Americans have every right to expect that the EPA will be given the leadership and funding promised. Further, Americans are entitled to absolute scientific integrity free from undue industry influences.

To view President-elect Obama´s letter to John Gage, see:


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