Pistole solicits feedback from aviation experts, public


BOSTON—John Pistole, the new administrator for the Transportation Security Administration, on July 16 visited Logan International Airport to officially announce his top goals for the agency.

His priorities include improving the agency’s counterterrorism capabilities, supporting TSA employees, and strengthening the agency’s relationship with stakeholders and the traveling public, according to a TSA statement.

Pistole, who was confirmed by the Senate on July 1, is conducting visits to various airports in an effort to gain insight and feedback from the security community and TSA staff, which is inline with the goals outlined during his confirmation hearings.

His visit to Logan Airport was his first official visit to an airport outside the Washington, D.C., area where he reviewed the security operations and met with TSA workers, according to an article in the Boston Globe.

“We know that the threats are real out there,” said Pistole during a press conference inside the airport. “We know what happened on the attempt on Christmas Day. We know what happened in Times Square, the attempted bombing. We’ve seen what’s happened around the world since 9/11. So my job is to make sure we are doing everything we can to keep the traveling public safe.”

He is currently soliciting feedback from the public through an online forum called “Talk to the TSA” which will allow the traveling public to send comments, suggestions and feedback to the agency, according to the TSA release.

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