Pres. Obama courting illegal immigrant votes for the next election: Dream Act

According to Chris Crane of the National ICE Council, Pres. Obama is courting illegal immigrant votes for the next presidential election, and he is doing it much like a suitor would his beloved: With gifts of amnesty, wrapped in deceptive words, which spell "Dream Act: Backdoor amnesty for illegal immigrants."

The New York Times reported Crane told a House Judiciary subcommittee that

"Law enforcement and public safety have taken a back seat to attempts to satisfy immigrant advocacy groups."

Crane ought to know, as he is not only the union president of the government agency known as ICE, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, but he has been an ICE agent himself since 2003, and was a former U.S. Marine for 11 years.

The man taking issue with Pres. Obama's efforts to keep illegal aliens on American soil despite Congressional representatives calls to do otherwise, is well versed in the laws of the land regarding deportation of illegal aliens and the changes being observed now, after implementation efforts of the Dream Act.

CNS News reported that Crane told the House Judiciary subcommittee,

"ICE enforcement removal officers and agents in the field alleged that unwritten directives from ICE headquarters had been issued nationwide ordering officers not to arrest aliens unless it was confirmed that the alien had recieved a prior conviction for a criminal offense."

Dream Act: A presidential pardon of sorts for illegal immigrants?

Crane says that the Dream Act, which was rejected by Congress (twice) and did not receive support of the general public--but which has been implemented via an executive order by Pres. Obama during the summer of 2011--essentially opens the door for ICE officials to now order ICE agents not to deport illegal aliens.

It is a creative way to bypass Congress, and the voting public, passing the Dream Act and asking leaders at ICE to give unwritten orders to agents in the field, especially on a thorny issue that the public has already said it doesn't support.

Homeland Security Secretary weighs in

But the president's Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said it just isn't true.

"They can be arrested, but at some point in the process there need to be decisions made about who is to be removed."

But according to American law, those decisions have already been made about what constitutes the right to deport an illegal immigrant. Ms. Napolitano hints in her statement that decisions about removal aren't a done deal.

Halting illegal immigrants from being deported this year can generate a lot of votes come November. This is due to the other portion of the Dream Act.

The one that says if the following conditions are present, deportation can be halted:

One of their immediate relatives has served in the armed forces
If they have ties to the community
If they are young or elderly
If their spouse is pregnant or nursing
If they are pursing a college education

If deportation is halted, then it only serves to consider that illegal immigrants will believe they may also have legal citizenship, or the right to vote, which some did do in the past presidential election.

And given his up and down poll ratings this past year, you can also see how Pres. Obama might have given forethought to creating such a new constituency base prior to the 2012 presidential election. One he could count on to be behind his staying in office if Americans decided otherwise, as it appeared they would in the summer the Dream Act was implemented.

But if ICE agents and enforcement removal officers are having their hands tied with deportation of illegal immigrants, as Chris Crane contends, it goes against what the American public has voted for and expect.

The New York Times reported on Jan. 11 that there is some truth to Pres. Obama coming under pressure from the Lation community to halt deportations altogether, which lends credibility to Crane's contention that "Law enforcement and public safety have taken a back seat to attempts to satisfy immigrant advocacy groups."

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