Rep. Chaffetz Gets Into Verbal Scuffle With TSA

The congressman tells FOX 13 he was calm and collected during questioning.

"When I asked for a supervisor's name and I.D. badge after the pat down and everything else, and they wanted to know why I wanted to complain and I started to explain I was a member of congress and right in the middle of doing that they said, oh we know exactly who you are and I thought 'Oh okay, now we're gettin' somewhere,'" said Chaffetz in a telephone interview with FOX 13.

TSA is reacting to the Congressman's concerns and released this statement:

"TSA's job is to keep the traveling public safe and using advanced imaging technology is an important tool to mitigate known threats. This safe screening option is always 100 percent optional to all passengers. Passengers who do not wish to receive imaging technology screening will use the walk-through metal detector and undergo a pat-down procedure. This incident will be reviewed and TSA will respond directly to the Congressman if he has concerns."

FOX 13's Nineveh Dinha has more.

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