Security breach at Salt Lake International

Last Update: 4/27 10:08 pm

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(ABC 4 News) Salt Lake City, (ABC 4 News) - It may have been a case of a serious lapse of security at the Salt Lake Airport. A Wyoming woman says she boarded a plane for Las Vegas with a knife that somehow wasn't detected.

Evanston’s Angela Dunford says the weapon was caught during screening Sunday in Las Vegas. But, somehow the knife with a three and half inch blade made it past security screeners at the Salt Lake International airport.
Dunford says, “They said that's unreal. I can't believe that you got through with a knife.”

Dunford says that's what security screeners said to her Sunday after she claimed a knife was found by TSA employees in her purse. Dunford says, “Nobody said anything on my flight to Vegas. But, in Vegas they caught it.”

Dunford says airport screeners in Las Vegas were shocked that her knife made it through security on her flight from Salt Lake to Vegas last Monday.

Dunford says her husband bought her the knife for protection and she forgot it was in her purse. TSA says they screen all bags that are carried on commercial planes.

Dwaine Baird a spokesperson for the Salt Lake City International airport said, “If Dunford's story is true it's very unfortunate. It’s rare that a knife can get by a screener but it can happen.

Baird told ABC 4 news he talked to Dunford on the phone. He said he tried to pull up security images of her bag being screened. But, with 2 and half million packages getting x-rayed every day the TSA can't keep them in a database for very long.

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