Surveillance cameras out of order as man slips into Newark terminal

The Surveillance cameras at Newark Liberty International Airport weren’t recording Sunday night when an unidentified man walked into a secure area.

He went the wrong way through an exit, past a guard, to a gate..

New Jersey lawmakers blame the Transportation Safety Administration for a security breakdown that brought the terminal to standstill for six hours.

They want to know how someone managed not only to get in but why it took nearly an hour for law enforcement to be notified.

Authorities had to use Continental airlines cameras to confirm the man entered, then left the terminal after 20 minutes.

The TSA paid for the cameras, but it is the airport’s responsibility to operate and maintain them.

Now the TSA plans to work with the airport to make sure they work properly.

All this…along with the failed Christmas Day bombing…has left experienced travelers like Enis Farnsworth frustrated..

Lisa Emckell is going back to Sweden after visiting her sister in Florida—she’s surprised the system continues to fail.

Authorities are still looking for person who breached security to see if he had criminal intent or was simply picking up a friend.

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