Tarmac and feather them: All those responsible for the Newark TSA snafu must pay

Tuesday, January 5th 2010, 4:00 AM

The feds had barely retreated from Janet
Napolitano's infamous declaration that the
system had worked in the attempted
Northwest bombing when the
Transportation Security Administration
consigned thousands of passengers to
flying hell through an astonishing security
breach at Newark Airport.

The agency had assigned a single guard to
monitor an exit from the secure passenger
area. The guard went AWOL, physically or
mentally. Some moron walked through the
exit door. A witness reported, and security
video confirmed, the breach. The terminal
was locked down. Thousands were forced
to go through checkpoints again. Flights
were held. Connections were missed. And
the moron sauntered away.

The guard must be canned. But let's not
stop there. The post was staffed - on a
heavy holiday weekend - by a single
watcher. Let's deal with the bozo who
made that call.

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