Thompson Introduces Biometric Airport Security Legislation

Chairman Thompson issued the following statement with the introduction of this legislation:

"This bill is an innovative approach towards legislating smart security, it ensures there is a comprehensive plan in place before airports begin using biometric identification for its workers," said Thompson. "This is not about re-inventing the wheel or putting a stop to any good work at TSA – it is about helping us build upon smart, efficient, and effective airport security measures needed to secure Americans and protect a vital industry to our economy and resiliency."
The bill requires:

• The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to study existing and proposed industry programs that enhance our biometric security systems at airports.

• TSA to study how airports can transition to uniform, standards-based and interoperable biometric identifier systems for airport workers with unescorted access.

• TSA to submit to Congress a breakdown on best practices for issuing biometric credentials for airport workers.

• The Secretary of Homeland Security to spearhead a working group with industry stakeholders to strengthen private and public partnerships as they support the Secretary and Assistant Secretary in carrying out this Act.

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