Tiahrt Introduces the Veterans Healthcare Commitment Act of 2009

"As a country, we made a commitment to our veterans to provide for their healthcare needs," said Tiahrt. "The bill I introduced this week honors that commitment by preventing the Obama Administration or any future Administration from putting an unwarranted burden on veterans and their private insurance providers.

"America´s promise to provide for the healthcare needs of veterans should be fully honored. I want Congress to make it understood that any Administration proposal that seeks to increase burdens on our nation´s veterans will not be permitted to move forward."

Earlier this week, Tiahrt sent a letter to President Obama calling on him to withdraw his VA plan. Tiahrt wrote that the White House proposal would "add additional burdens on our veterans." The letter went to say, "Providing billion dollar bailouts for corporations one week and increasing burdens for our veterans another week is not a message we should be sending our brave men and women who have served in harm's way on behalf of our nation."

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