TSA Certifies Reveal CT-80DR EDS at 226 Bags Per Hour

BEDFORD, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Reveal Imaging Technologies, Inc., a developer of advanced security inspection systems, announced today that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has certified its new CT-80DR explosives detection system (EDS). The Reveal CT-80DR is a dual row EDS that has the ability to scan checked baggage for a wide variety of explosives at a TSA-certified rate of up to 226 bags per hour.

“We were able to increase the speed of the system by over 80% without changing its compact size or adding any components that would affect the system’s excellent reliability record and installed performance. At this higher throughput, the CT-80DR offers improved explosives detection to the aviation industry.” said Michael Ellenbogen, president and CEO of Reveal Imaging Technologies.

Since the introduction and certification of the first Reveal CT-80 EDS in 2004, Reveal has steadily enhanced its Computed Tomography (CT) technology and algorithm software to enable airports to scan and process passenger bags at increasingly faster speeds, while keeping false alarm rates low.

CT-80DR throughput at 226 bags per hour, with anticipated increases up to 350 bags per hour by the end of the year, opens additional airport applications for the CT-80DR. Existing CT-80s can be upgraded to the latest CT-80DR performance.

To help airports in their planning process, a catalog of approved configurations for these reduced-sized EDS was developed. Certification at this higher throughput will benefit TSA and airports, as outlined in TSA's Baggage Screening Investment Study (BSIS).

Combined with the compact size of the CT-80DR, the BSIS-compliant, drop-in configurations minimize the time and disruption associated with inline EDS installations.

About Reveal Imaging Technologies, Inc.

Headquartered in Bedford, MA, privately held Reveal Imaging Technologies, Inc. develops advanced technology and algorithm software to identify explosives including homemade explosives (HMEs), liquids, threat materials and components.

The Reveal CT-80 platform, with its breakthrough dual-energy Computed Tomography (CT) technology shrinks the size, cost and weight of certified EDS systems. The small physical size of the CT-80 platform allows it to fit into existing footprints within airports of any size, eliminating the need for expensive reconstruction and minimizing installation costs.

Integrated into each Reveal EDS are advanced threat detection algorithms that balance the sophisticated analysis of material identification using both density and atomic number with the false alarm threshold required to efficiently process passengers.

Backed by exceptional service and support, more than 200 Reveal systems are currently deployed in over 70 US and international airports. These systems can be networked within each installation to centralize operations, image reviews and alarm resolutions.

The Reveal CT-80 was first certified in 2004 by TSA and deployed to U.S. airports to meet TSA standards to automatically inspect 100% of checked bags for explosives. Reveal is one of only three companies to successfully pass the TSA’s certification process for automated explosive detection systems (EDS).

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