TSA Director Details Methods in OIA Bomb-Making Bust

Orlando officials got a crash course from Transportation Security Administration officials today, after last week's arrest of a man carrying bomb-making materials.

TSA's Federal Security Director Lee Kair said Jamaica-bound Kevin Brown was a target of investigation well before the pipes, BB's, and chemicals were found in his luggage...because his BEHAVIOR alerted specially-trained officers. Kair explained that the Behavioral Unit is trained to spot people who may be hiding something.

"We have a very structured program," he noted. "It is not racial profiling. It has nothing to do with someone's race, their gender, country of origin, anything of that nature. It is specifically about someone's behavior."

Kair detailed how would-be criminals often give themselves away. "Much of it is actually in the microfacial area," he said. "If someone is doing something deceptive, they will do something with their face, just simple expressions, that they don't even realize they're doing."

Kair spent the morning in Orlando explaining the methods the Behavioral Unit uses to head off dangerous situations before passangers can be hurt. Police believe Brown was heading for Jamaica to seek revenge on two men accused of murdering his mother.

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