TSA Expands Random Screening to Gates

June 17, 2008

Airline employee and aircraft screening at Los Angeles
International Airport. Click a thumbnail to view
full-size image.If you are flying in or out of a U.S. airport this summer you may notice Transportation Security Officers (TSOs) conducting random additional screening at airline gates.

The screening - part of TSA's Aviation Direct Access Screening Program (ADASP) - can include checking passenger identification and boarding passes, conducting physical searches of carry-on luggage, using handheld explosive detection units and screening of individuals. These checks are not announced in advance and can occur at any gate, at any time.

TSOs conduct enhanced screening at
Las Vegas McCarran International
Airport. Click a thumbnail to view
full-size image.TSA's specially trained Behavior Detection Officers (BDOs) will accompany the TSOs during some of the screening activities to provide an additional layer of security. BDOs screen travelers for involuntary physical and physiological reactions that indicate stress, fear or deception.

TSA recognizies that an individual exhibiting some of these behaviors does not automatically mean a person has terrorist or criminal intent. BDOs do, however, help our security officers focus appropriate resources on determining if an individual presents a higher risk or if his/her behavior has a non-threatening origin.

Passenger safety continues to be our mission as we use flexible measures in our approach to random screening. Your safety is our priority.

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