TSA issues RFP for risk-assessment software

Homeland Security

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The Transportation Security Administration has issued a request for proposals for commercial risk-assessment software that would enable it to gauge the vulnerability of different modes of transportation to a variety of threats. The one-year project includes four one-year options.

The TSA Office of Risk Management and Strategic Innovation wants to implement a structured, flexible assessment tool and methodology that would enable it to fully comprehend and manage risks specific to transportation systems and assets.

The agency is specifically seeking a commercial software tool to capture domain awareness information and assist in risk management decisions by assessing threats, vulnerabilities and consequences of potential terrorist attacks on any mode of transportation. The tool should be flexible enough to be applied to any mode of transportation.

TSA will perform the work to comply with a presidential directive requiring federal agencies to develop methods and technologies to protect critical infrastructures.

TSA issued the RFP April 18. Bids are due May 8.

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