TSA: Security Checkpoints to Get Makeover

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Airport security checkpoints is a part of travel that airline passengers love to hate.

"It is uncomfortable with the delays, the taking off of your shoes and everything," said Seattle resident Tesaghabr Tersane.

So most travelers will be happy to hear that the TSA is experimenting with a new checkpoint look and sound: soft music, pastel lighting and maybe less hassle.

"You hear that music does sooth. Well, if it does, and helps them do their jobs than that's great," said airline passenger, Ally McNair.

TSA calls it "Checkpoint Evolution" with easy-to-read signs; even Plexiglas conveyor belts, so you can see your luggage at all times.

The idea is to have a calm, collected environment with less stress for the passengers, less stress for the TSA inspectors and, hopefully, a better atmosphere for screeners to check out suspicious characters.

"A very chaotic, noisy security checkpoint is really good camouflage for those with hostile intent," said TSA Spokesman Christopher White.

The new technology includes a machine that uses radio waves to scan passengers for hidden weapon, which has some travelers feeling nervous.

"Whether it's safe or not, who knows? But there certainly is the possibility of something being released that shouldn't be," said airline passenger Bob Brown.

TSA says the machine is safe and images that are checked and cleared at another location are deleted immediately.

"I don't want other people having hidden things. If I can do it, anybody can do it," said airline passenger Marilyn Donahue.

The new checkpoints and new machine undergo a test run at BWI (web|news) in May, and even the skeptical say anything that may ease the stress of the airline security process is worth giving a try.

"I don't think it will work, because your are in a rush, but that's just my take," said airline passenger Patty Alper.

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