TSA Survey: Employees Discontented With Pay, Treatment

According to a new Transportation Security Administration (TSA) survey, agency employees believe what they do is important, but feel they are underpaid and treated unfairly by TSA management. According to TSA’s 2008 Organizational Satisfaction Survey, only 22 percent of TSA employees think promotions are fair and transparent, and only 28 percent think their pay raises are based on how well they do their jobs. Of those surveyed, about one-third feel they receive recognition for a job well done, and less than a quarter of the workers feel personally empowered in their jobs. Few employees gave front-line managers and top management high marks, according to the survey. Among the respondents: 22 percent said managers and leaders generate high levels of motivation and commitment; 24 percent said they were satisfied with the policies and practices of TSA senior leadership and local managers; and 26 percent said managers lead by example. “This is not surprising,” American Federation of Government Employees President John Gage said Jan. 21. “We continue to receive a number of complaints from all over the country about everything from the quality and safety of the uniforms, to basic worker dignity.” To see more, go to: www.afge.org.

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